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adult nursing relationship2 months

You certainly did post the right place. Sooo wish I was closer.

adult nursing relationship2 months

I love ANR/ABF. I am not lactating but have had 3 partners. I would love to find someone close by to suckle me on a regular basis. My nipples are VERY sensitive. It arouses me also *blush* ...I can't help that.

In that case, start here if you want to know more-

adult nursing relationship2 months

Sometimes I wonder if you didnít get breastfed as a baby, it might make you long for it as an adult. I imagine most women would not care for the idea, but if a couple find it enjoyable and it adds to their relationship...why not?

adult nursing relationship1 month

being regularly breastfed 2 or 3 times a day by a woman as part of her force-fattening me would be hot af ..

(not into adult baby stuff tho&apossmiley

adult nursing relationship3 weeks

collegeguy2514 wrote
i'd love to try an adult nursing relationship. kinda hard finding a woman that's lactating though.

Allow me to throw in my 2 pieces of biological know-how. Yes, men can lactate. Would it be worth the effort? No. The reason for this is because the cells that produce milk in women are far more scarce in men. As for piece number 2, those of you that are into lactation (preferably a female lactating) there is a way to experiment with your fetish/kink. Most people think you need to have a child to lactate but this is untrue. Not too long ago (Couple years) a job was in very high demand. The job I speak of was a Wet Nurse. These were women that nursed other children because they were capable of producing milk while for one reason or another the child was not receiving from the biological mother. Some of these women had never even had children of their own yet they were lactating. The reason for this is purely biological and can in a way be related back to adaptation and/or evolution.

If one is to use repetitive stimulation to the nipples the body will instinctively react and begin to produce milk. This is because the body does not know what the actual stimulus is. The body is simply reacting and the reaction is milk production.

Long story short if one were to repetitively stimulate a woman's nipples for an extended period of time on a regular basis, she may produce milk. For example: Let's say boy/girl couple wants to experiment with lactation but does not want to have a child. So boy pretends to feed from the girls breasts every day for several weeks. Depending upon some other mental, biological, and physiological factors the girl may begin to produce milk.

Lastly, my apologies for the long post. I simply have a passion for biology and medicine smiley

How long does it take to induce lacatation if you haven't been pregnant recently?

adult nursing relationship2 weeks

This article should help.
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