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who are the doms and who are the subs?11 months

Switch heh
;0; I like to tease, namecall and forcefeed
But I'm also super into being squashed/spanked soooo idk??

who are the doms and who are the subs?11 months

Myself and my wife, have started to embrace the sub/dom thing in the last year, it's great fun !
I sometimes fantasise about the sub side, but in reality, I am definitely a dom. My wife is naturally sub, and I have talked about having some 'fun' with male chastity etc, even got a cage for myself, but she just doesn't seem into it at all.
I guess if you are not getting off on 'whatever it is your trying' then it is not going to appeal to you.
She really likes tame 'restriction', and sensory deprivation, and really gets off on that, and I enjoy providing it for her ;-) so I could not ever see myself being a sub in reality (even though I sometimes quite secretly like the idea of switching).

who are the doms and who are the subs?10 months

This thread was inspired partially by my boredom and partially by my interest in the question itself.

Just who/how many of you are doms and how many of you are subs?
In addition, what do you consider yourselves to be?

For instance, I consider myself a dom feeder.

I've done a great deal of dom acts, rps, etc and what not. Feeding is mildly new to me but still feels like the same old song and dance. Of course, finding an individual (Girl in my case) that enjoys being dominated and then stuffed/fed is quite difficult.

You're pretty much where I'm at. I've been known to switch between my more nurturing Daddy Dom side and my Primal damn near animalistic-mating-instinct Dom

Beeing a feeder is more of a new thing to me. But it's become part of a recent fantasy I've had which includes all three sides of me sexually (Daddy, Primal and now Feeder) of having a girl let me fatten her up and "train" her up to be Daddy's ideal "mate"

But as you've guessed, it's pretty damn hard to find a girl who'd be entirely okay with that, so here I am, trying my luck on here lol

who are the doms and who are the subs?9 months

Large and in charge here.

Love it.

who are the doms and who are the subs?9 months

Sub feedee

who are the doms and who are the subs?2 months

Sub here too smiley

who are the doms and who are the subs?2 months

I'll dominate any and all of you gluttonous piggies. Kik me gaetano2733

who are the doms and who are the subs?1 month

Definitely a Domme. I've fattened the little man up to where he's soft and round, and now that he's been fattened he is far more content and obedient than otherwise. He was naturally inclined toward fatness, loving sweets and being a generally very easy going sort. As I've said elsewhere, we were always a D/s relationship, but the fattening has brought a new level of respect and obedience. We're getting married in Spring, and he'll stop working so he can be home full-time, where he belongs.

who are the doms and who are the subs?2 weeks

Dominatrix Looking for her New Play thing

I have a need to Control, I demand loyalty and obedience at all times. I will reward you for your contributions but never ask, beg or demand it.
I am into Foot play, piss play, chastity training, orgasm control, orgasm denial, Feeding, humiliation & Fat appreciation - if you do not already with me you will learn to enjoy all of these!

You will worship me, My feet and do as i say, Pay well & you shall get what you deserve.

I do 1 on 1 instant email conversations, Photo/video's.. I am happy to send rewards
Discretion is a must at all times, I am happy to have Subs that already have another Mistress, I will have multiple Subs at any one time. Married Men welcome.

Interested drop me a message.

who are the doms and who are the subs?6 days

Iím definitely more submissive. I love the idea of surrendering control and putting my body and my weight gain in a womanís hands.
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