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pillow stuffing11 months

This is actually my guilty pleasure, I've done it for as long as I can remember, even as a kid before I was old enough for school. Just something so awesome about the softness against your body and seeing how it makes you look and seeing how normal activities are made more difficult with the extra size. :$
love it

pillow stuffing11 months

Thought I'd give padding a go... really good fun smiley
Enjoyed the size, shape & feeling of the extra weight (albeit not a lot). Will most likely do it again smiley

pillow stuffing11 months

I like to pretend to be pregnant. Although after a heavy lunch I look pregnant, I sometimes further use fake belly while walking. It s cool! My stomach does not look very big, and I funny to see how people are trying to understand, I'm pregnant or not.

God, I used to do this years ago, thought I was alone.

pillow stuffing8 months

I see that a lot of people on here are into getting really big using pillows and stuffing. For me, the pillows aren't real enough and I like to use something that is limited in how big you get, but is more realistic in weight and feel. I take a 2.5 gallon ziplock bag and fill it with multiple tubes of inexpensive silicon caulking. It doesn't setup and has some weight and give to it that makes it feel real. Nice heavy feeling and nice bigger gut. You need some serious spandex to keep it in place, but there's lots of that out there. Enjoy!!

pillow stuffing7 months

I LOVE stuffing with pillows etc...Trying to see how big I can get!

You inspire me so much!

pillow stuffing4 months

I have always liked doing this even as a kid as i got older ive enjoyed it more stuffing to where i cant sit up and have to roll to get up off the bed if i can even movei love getting stuck in things cause im to big like under the bed my my fat goal is to get stuck in a chair.
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