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ramen noodles8 months

I love ramen! I am a fan of Asian dishes and Japanese are my favorite

ramen noodles8 months

I have ramen as part of a fatty lunch regularly. However, Im really picky about it so I never put in meat or most veg that ruins it for me. I only eat it two ways, not real recipes but add ons:

- drained almost entirely and half a cup to a cup of sour cream with extra salt. Stirred in, the cream and salt picks up the ramen flavor into a creamy sauce while coating all the noodles in fat the way Ive been addicted to for years. Not lying, Ive bought mega packs of ramen, 5 pound sour cream jugs just for this, sometimes multiple packs of ramen yum. Wont lie, it may be bland or gross to people not addicted like me, I got addicted as a kid and cant remember how I even came up with it.

- While cooking the ramen, I fry and add pepper and salt to some eggs. I chop some green onion. Get some shredded cheese. When its done and hot, throw them in and mix around. Add salt. The cheese melts from the broth, and it becomes cheesy ramen while the egg gives yolk flavor and green onion compliments the salt.
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