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getting started/guide to ff7 years

Welcome newcomers! smiley This is a FAQ/guide on getting started on FF, with some site info, links, a glossary, and some tips on conduct, messaging and meeting people.

If you want to introduce yourself on the website, you can make a post in the Introductions topic:

Site Rules can be found here:

Team Of Moderators can be found here:
(the Super Administrator hiccupx is also the site owner)

Contact the Fantasy Feeder team with site related matters via:
(or via our email at

Paid Memberships information can be found at:

Our Shouts page also allows you to give a shout out to the rest of the site, many people use this feature to communicate alongside our chatrooms. Can be accessed via 'shouts' or here:

Our Chatrooms are also available 24/7 for members to meet up and talk with each other in, with no time limits on usage for anyone. They can be accessed via the 'chat' link or here:

The droplets on people's profiles are a Karma Meter for them. 1 purple drop = 50 likes on their content. Hover your cursor over the drops to see exactly how much karma they have.


BBW: (Big Beautiful Woman)
SSBBW: (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman)
BHM: (Big Handsome Man)
SSBHM: (Super-Sized Big Handsome Man)

FA (Fat Admirer): a person who has preference for fat partners, or simply loves/likes fat. Typically used to refer to male fat admirers.
FFA (Female Fat Admirer): see above.
Gainer: A person who fantasizes about becoming fat, or who gains weight for sexual pleasure.
Encourager: A person who derives pleasure from encouraging or persuading a gainer to become fatter.
Feedee: A person who fantasizes about being fed, or being fed for sexual pleasure.
Feeder: A person who derives pleasure from feeding or feeds for sexual pleasure.
Foodee: A person who fantasizes about eating, enjoys eating for sexual pleasure, or simply enjoys the pleasure of eating food.
Mutual Feeder: A person who feeds/stuffs themselves as well as another person.
Mutual Gainer: A person who wants to gain as well as wants to make another person gain.
RP (Role Playing): This refers to acting out an imaginary scenario with another person.

Site Advice/Information

Advice on Messaging/Meeting People/Commenting/etc:

I've got no idea how to meet people on here/I'm not very successful at it. smiley
- If you're finding it tricky to get to know people on here, try putting up an avatar/photo (don't be afraid!), and filling in your profile with some info about yourself. You can write in a nice amount of info in the 'about me' section under 'edit basic information'. You can also include your email addresses or messengers such as Skype, Yahoo or Kik if you wish.
I'm getting sick of waiting, loads of people haven't responded to me either. smiley
- Don't feel too discouraged, it can take awhile to meet people sometimes, just keep waiting it out, good things come to those that wait, as the saying goes. smiley Some people can also get thoroughly swamped with messages from other users so try not to feel too offended and take it personally if they don't reply.
How should I go about messaging someone?
- On messaging/contacting someone, people often prefer it when you put a bit more thought into the message that you write rather than simply asking "what brings you to FF?". Reading their profile first to find out such things instead of just asking this question is a great idea and can show them that you have a proper interest in them.
I wrote a comment on that girl/guy's profile/photos/etc and they haven't responded! They should be grateful for the comments that they get! smiley
- Often comments are still appreciated even if they are not responded to, remember. Comments on photos/etc can be taken as just that, comments (and not messages), which won't always lead to anything so please do not be offended by this either. Just relaxing and moving on will lead to better results for yourself in the long run. smiley
What kind of comments are acceptable to write?
- When commenting/etc, don't forget to please stick to English, and treat one another with some common respect. Toning down swearing is a good idea, as well as not always being overly sexual if it's not asked for.

getting started/guide to ff4 years

Chatroom Advice:

What kind of things should I ask people in the chatroom?
- Don't just jump straight into chat and ask lots of people if they are gaining/if they are a feedee etc. It's not a bad idea to lurk and see what the current topic being discussed in the chatroom is.
People haven't responded to me when I tried to hit on them - what am I doing wrong? smiley
- Be polite to the other chatroom users, you are more likely to get into a conversaton with someone if your opening line is 'Hi [NAME], how are you' rather than 'your body is sexy', 'you have big breasts', 'do you want to RP' etc
Chat's boring, why isn't anyone around? smiley
- Some hours of chat are livelier than others due to people around the world working/sleeping, sometimes it can be best to hang around or come in at another time.
I came into the room and said 'Hi' and no-one responded to me. smiley
- Please don't be discouraged if you've plucked up the courage to say hi to the room in general and don't get a reply immediately. People already busy chatting probably didn't see you, try again with a "Hi all, how are you doing today?". You rarely have to do this a third time before someone will respond.
Should I just send a private chat request to a person straight away if I want to talk to them?
- Before sending a private chat request to someone, it is recommended that you speak to them out in the General room first and/or use whispers (if you have the Social or Combined package) as a matter of courtesy. smiley People prefer this overall.
What happens when I block someone in chat?
- When blocking someone in chat, they can still see what you type, but you cannot see what they type, and they cannot talk to you or make private chat requests.
There's just too many private chat requests coming at me, what do I do?
- If you're getting loads of unwanted chat requests, or don't want to private chat at all, you can shut them off entirely by clicking the gear symbol on the left of the chatroom and setting 'Allow Invitations From:' to 'Nobody'.
This girl/guy won't talk to me! I keep trying to talk to them and they're ignoring me! smiley
- If someone refuses your private chat request, please do NOT keep sending requests to them, it is rude and is classed as harassment.

Miscellaneous Advice:

What do I do if I need to find a mod urgently?
- Moderator names in chat are in bold, this can help if you urgently need to find one. You can also find our profiles via the Team Of Moderators page listed in the first post.
How should I handle people that won't leave me alone or are abusive? smiley
- Remember to report people if they won't go away or are abusive, the mods can't do anything if they don't know. Don't be scared to tell the mods, they'll take care of things. There is a red flag on a person's profile that can be clicked and a couple of lines can be written about them to make a report. Longer and more detailed reports can be sent to the mod team at, though you should always click the red flag just in case your email doesn't come through. Also, any wishes or threats of rape will result in a member being given the boot from here asap.
I reported this problem, why hasn't it been taken care of right away?! smiley
- All mods of the site don't handle all areas, every task has specific mods assigned to it. So if your problem/email/etc has not been addressed yet, do not worry, the mod responsible will come online eventually and handle it. Until then, have patience.
What's allowed when it comes to photos?
- It's in the site rules, but it bears repeating here- A degree of nudity is allowed on this site, but only if it's tastefully done. Photographs/videos of bare breasts and buttocks are permitted, but no hardcore pornography, erections (clothed or otherwise), masturbation (real or implied), or exposed pubic areas(even if hairless). Also, no pictures or videos of anyone under 18 years old. Stealing another member's photos and posting them on your profile or elsewhere is also strictly forbidden and results in a permanent ban in most cases. Please avoid doing so, you have been warned.
I've been asked to provide photos or an ID by a mod?
- On Fantasy Feeder we have a reporting system for underage members (this is an 18+ only site) and people who steal other people's photos. As a result one of our admins or our 'FF Team' account may ask you to send in photos or your ID (with many details covered up) as proof of your age or identity validation to, our site email.

getting started/guide to ff4 years

One mod said something differently to another mod! I don't get it.
- Please do not use one mod's decision to explain actions when another mod makes orders/requests/etc to you, obey each individual mod regardless. Mods will also make it clear when you are receiving a warning, too.
I think it's just fine to keep discussing this other particular point in a topic!
- We suggest you avoid thread-hijacking- this is when a member attempts to derail a pre-existing discussion and take it away from its original topic, even if it may be related. This behavior can be frustrating to members who want the discussion to proceed on course. If you wish to take a topic in a new direction that would otherwise derail the original topic, simply start a new thread for your own topic. smiley
I'd like to advertise/discuss my paysite or ask for money.
- As mentioned in the rules, advertising is not permitted without prior arrangement with the website owner. This can also take many forms, such as even asking or talking about other paysites/models and services. In general, threads having to do with paysites or their models in any way are discouraged (even if the sites contain free content).
I really, really, really want to find someone to go out with/feed me smiley - can I keep posting about this?
- Please do not spam or send out mass mailings through any channel (including emails, private messaging, shouts page, or through use of the chat or forums), even if you think you have a justifiable reason. If you want to ask people to PM you/etc in the shouts page, only do so once about every 24 hours, NOT every hour or so.
Why are men/women on here so damn picky?! I don't get it! They should be grateful for my attention! smiley
- No, they should NOT be grateful for your attention, and we ask that you do not complain about it as it agitates other site users. People on here, big or small, are not forced to like you and do not owe you anything, even if you find it impolite. They can like and respond to whoever they want, big or small, and we are sure that you have your own personal set of preferences too. Please remember that.
I see this is a fat-positive community, I can talk about weightloss/diets here right? I can talk about how unhealthy gaining weight is too, right?
- This assumption is incorrect. While Fantasy Feeder started off as a purely feedism focused website and then gradually grew to encompass general fat positivity as well, we still maintain firm feedist roots. Our stance is that our site members are grown adults who can look after their own health and don't need to be lectured by others. They know what they are doing. As such content that discusses how feedism/gaining is unhealthy will be removed.
- The same applies to pro-weightloss/diet content, this will also be removed. People are free to discuss weightloss/etc on other sites and find support for their journeys there, just not here as it proves distressing for site members that wish to get away from all that. You may do as you wish with your own lives, but we are not required to provide a platform for people's weightloss journeys.
I'm angry and want to call someone a fat- smiley
- Do not even consider fat shaming someone on here unless it is part of a roleplay/etc that they have consented to. Non-consensual fat shaming is always harshly punished and often results in a permanent ban, so consider yourself duly warned. We do not give any leniency for non-consensual fat shaming done during a loss of temper either, and/or if someone is insulting you. You can respond differently. We don't tolerate other forms of bigotry either.
Where did that girl go? You know, that hot webmodel that was online years ago?
- We also discourage asking about 'famous people/models' who've disappeared from the net/community- they often vanish for their own reasons and it's best to respect their wishes and privacy by not searching for them.
Can I mention other FA and feedism websites on here too?
- Certainly - many members have already posted about Feabie,, Curvage and others, and there's nothing wrong with indicating you're also a member of those sites if you wish.
I'd like to fatten up my partner without them knowing - any tips? smiley
- Secret Feeding/Fattening is something that is universally frowned upon in the community for being unethical, as it betrays another person's trust. Fantasizing about it is fine, as the 'FANTASY' part of Fantasy Feeder indicates, but doing it for real is another matter. NO sneaking weight gain supplements/more fattening ingredients into anyone's food!