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do any men want to be immobile3 months

What is it like being that heavy? So one day you wake up and notice that you're unable to move at all. Must be a wonderful feeling. Have you made any plans for when the time comes? You will most likely need someone to keep you fed, won't you or at least someone who looks after you?

You should keep it.
Keep us updated for when the time comes.

I do plan to keep my big belly! In like another week or so I will probably get to that point because I can barely move already. It's hard to fit through doors as well as it is hard to walk. I will keep you all updated on my profile!

do any men want to be immobile2 months

After a few months, I am now bed bounded as I think that I love my fat as I like to eat mountains of food!

do any men want to be immobile2 months

Hell yes
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