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forcefeeding/being forcefed8 months

In this sound like a great time

forcefeeding/being forcefed1 month

I'd love to be blackmailed into obesity 😈

forcefeeding/being forcefed4 days

The idea of feeding and fattening a guy up against his will is the biggest turn on, tying him up and watching as his tummy spills out further onto his lap. Funnelling and stuffing everything into his body, so hot. Now to find a willing participant smiley


forcefeeding/being forcefed4 days

my god, just thinking about this, dont know why, but when i think about sitting someone in a chair, tie her up, and start giving her , pasta, cakes, shakes, candies, all sort of foods, see her tummy getting bigger and bigger, reaching a point about to burst the shirt that she was wearing (that on the start was just a normal long shirt, but now is a little crop top), her legs getting so thick that starts to flab out of the chair, almost breaking it. And by the time i "finish" the force feeding she needs my help to get up, that she cant even take two steps without being breathless, and then go to sleep with her, just waiting the time she wakes up and see how big she got, tryng to keep her calm. It turns me on in a certain way, dont really know why about that, but its my master fantasy
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