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extreme obesity in literature5 years

How about Bed: A Novel by David Whitehouse?

extreme obesity in literature4 years

welllll there is a charcter in the house of cards series by the same dude who did game of thrones..that gains weight by kinetic energy. worth looking into. sorry wild cards series. did I mention later on she absorbs a nuclear bomb and ends up huge?

also there is a little hot scene in horns by joe hill.

extreme obesity in literature4 years

zoom98 wrote:

More interesting is "Grand Obese" by Cesar J. Rotondi (which was apparently his real name. He is described as "not fat"smiley. This is a story of an upwardly mobile fat family consisting of a mother and collegiate-age daughter and son. They use their weight to support their opulent journey through high society, but eventually are shunned by the rest of their peers, and become increasingly desperate. Eventually darker themes appear such as murder and cannibalism.

Don't suppose you know where I could get a copy, do you?

extreme obesity in literature4 years

Layla wrote:
Not exactly extreme obesity but there is a book that I read as a child called Say Cheese and Die 2, its part of the goosebumps series and involves the kid having this magic camera and it makes him reallyyy fat.
I remember it because I read it about 15 times and ended up just stealing it from the library because I loved it so much hahaa

I remember first one. Should of read the second one cause that sounds much better.

extreme obesity in literature4 years

There was another Goosebumps book called "Don't Fall Asleep" where this kid is told never to sleep in one of the rooms of his house. So, naturally that's all he thinks about doing. One day he does and he just starts spinning through alternate realities. In one of them he wakes up as a fat kid.

extreme obesity in literature4 years

Maybe RL Stein was a closet FA

extreme obesity in literature3 years

"Flesh" by David Galef. One of the main characters is a (somewhat messed-up) FA, whose dates various lasses, of ever increasing sizes, described in great detail. Recommended.

extreme obesity in literature3 years

Fat Walda from the Song of Ice and Fire books. Her character has also appeared in the more recent seasons of Game of Thrones.

Roose Bolton is promised the weight in gold of which ever of old Walder Frey's daughters he marries. So Bolton chooses the fattest daughter. He later admits to becoming quite fond of her.

extreme obesity in literature3 weeks

Burl, one of the skill coterie villains in the Assassins trilogy by Robin Hobb starts off as totally built and then spectacularly runs to fat.

extreme obesity in literature2 weeks

In the third book in the teen fiction series Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix, Lady Wednesday (now known as Drowned Wednesday) was royalty at some point, but then got cursed. In the book she's a whale that's hundreds of miles long, but in one scene she uses magic to transform back into a human to meet the main character briefly on an old ship.

They meet in a dining room and as they speak she has to be constantly eating, quickly gaining a ton of weight until she sinks the ship.
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