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most mcdonalds13 years

Annwvyn wrote:
I am usually eating constantly throughout the day. I have a feedee, and sometimes I just can't get away... lol. She's always handing me food, cooking me food, bringing me out to food, bringing food back to me... it is lots of fun. It's like I am constantly stuffed.

I work from home and she works from home (a ceramist and a computer programmer) so it works out very nicely.

You lucky bastard! lol wish i were you!

most mcdonalds12 years

*Gag* I would rather drink antifreeze than eat at there.

most mcdonalds12 years

I like eatting Mcflurrys its more healthy then there burgers and does its fair share on your smiley

most mcdonalds12 years

I used to be a feeder, but in the last year or so I've become a feedee. I've found that grabbing a large shake and large fries at any fast food place as a between meal snack is a great way to gain. It add almost 2000 calories to your day.

most mcdonalds12 years

hmmm McD's... the most I've had there was 3 dbl cheeseburgers, 3 McChickens, and a large dbl Quarter pounder meal. ABout an hour later I went to Del Taco... it was Taco Tuesday. That was a good night. smiley

the most i've done..12 years

The most McDonalds I've ever done is 40 nuggets.. actually done it a few times smiley

most mcdonalds12 years

Hi_Im_Zach wrote:
i've never eatin a burger in my life...
mc murder is nastehhh haha
vegetarian all the wayyyyy

But murder tastes so delicious! smiley

most mcdonalds12 years

one 20 peice mcnugget one big mac and three mcchickens

most mcdonalds12 years

3 double cheese burgers, 2 Mc Chicken sandwiches a Super sized coke, and supersized fries.smiley

most mcdonalds11 years

Every once in a while, I just simply have to have some McDonalds. Ever since I moved, I've been going there more and more often because there's one practically next door to my condo.

I've had three quarter pounder with cheese meal combos (large sized, naturally). That was a challenge to say the least.

As unhealthy as it generally is, there's still something that really turns me on about eating something so greasy and fattening. But I try to have it more as a treat.
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