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biggest overstuffing?4 years

I've had a lot of stuffing sessions, but here is a recent day of over-stuffing. I woke up the other day really hungry, probably because I ate a light dinner the night before. For breakfast I cooked up a pound of sausage and a dozen eggs to make breakfast burritos. I drank half a container of soy milk with it. At work I ate a bag of Snickers candy bars. For lunch I still felt hungry so I went out for buffet lunch. I ate five plates full of country cooking. At my desk I had a bag of chips and a box of crackers. On the way home I ate three cheeseburgers and a big Coke. For dinner I only ate half a chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans, but I kept snacking until bed with a box of cookies, the rest of the soy milk, a ham sandwich, a bag of chips and three bananas. I was full after that, but decided to push myself,so I ate half a very solid German chocolate cake and nibbled on candy. My upper belly was feeling so hard and swollen it hurt to the touch. I kept sipping coke after that to keep up the feeling of being bloated and full. I ended up in bed just to let my belly spread out next to me and so I could ride out the feelings of pain/pleasure. It was a pretty glorious day of gluttony.

biggest overstuffing?3 years

I've been pretty much constantly stuffing myself this whole weekend, on Friday evening I had a whole 15 inch pizza, a portion of fries and cheese, three pieces of garlic bread, half a sponge cake and an entire two litre tub of ice cream!!! I was so full afterwards I could barely move, for a long time I just sat up giving lots of quick light breaths, my stomach was very hard and stretched out and I was even in pain for a short while.

The day after I still felt full but for a late breakfast I had four pop tarts and half a 10 inch pizza and then for lunch I went to a Chinese buffet and had four plates, that evening I had another four pop tarts with a litre of custard and to top it all off I ate about six pieces of southern fried chicken as well as a few handfuls of fries and lots of popcorn chicken.

Without a doubt last night was the most full I have ever been, not only was I in pain but I could barely move, I breathed quickly and lightly, sitting straight up without daring to move or put pressure on my stomach, I must have waited about two hours before enough food had gone down for me to be comfortable enough to lie down and sleep. That may sound unpleasant but I loved every minute of it, I felt so proud and like I had achieved the impossible, my feeder was shocked at how much I had managed to eat but without her I would never be motivated to eat so much!!!

Today I ate quite a bit too, for breakfast I had all the remaining fries which amounted to about the same as a normal portion as well as 10 small chicken drumsticks, I then ate a whole platter of mini desserts including brownies, tarts and profiteroles. Within an hour I was completely stuffed again and I had to wait a bit before eating the 25 mini donuts I had left, but I still managed it!!!

This weekend was certainly a milestone in my gaining journey and I most certainly won't eat like that again for a long time!!

biggest overstuffing?3 years

^^That's a pretty epic saga of eating there, I wish I could have more weekends like that lol.

biggest overstuffing?3 months

I have another work shenanigan smiley

Was extra hungry tonight and was eating in the staffroom when my co worker goes in and goes up to me and says to me "i see you are nurturing the food baby". All the co workers in the store are like my feeders in a way.
She starts saying the manager is not here so we can have fun tonight, all the girls come to the back of store and start feeding me vanilla slice and coke. I get to my point where i had enough and she goes we wont leave until you are sweating, i need to take off my shirt because its so constricting across my belly and i get to the point where i am panting and sweating. Co worker then starts to jokingly tease me by saying are you finally going into labour with that food baby. They agree that i have had enough but i cant get up (co workers are really small and tiny) one tries to pull me up but cant another puts one hand one my belly and back and says that my belly is too heavy and asks if this all lard and i had another one do the same by holding my belly and back too.
As we are going to the car i am having one of my co workers support my belly and back still and then have a customer come up to me and goes when you know the gender i will get you a baby shower gift and rub my belly. Then my coworker helps me get into the car and i have to move my seat back because my belly was resting on the wheel beeping the horn. Best day ever!!!!

This sounds amazing! Any updates/new stories to tell?

biggest overstuffing?3 months

I can remember lots of outstanding stuffing sessions I did, like 40 chicken McNuggets with a large chocolate shake or 2 enormous burgers at TGI Friday's (the waiter was really impressed), but the best was definitely this one.

I have been living in the Netherlands for some time then, and suddenly came across an awesome sour cream at the local shop. I LOVE sour cream and what it does to my belly, but there is always a problem with finding the right variation. Luckily, that one happened to be not too sour and very, very thick (30% fat). Also, it was extremely cheap. So I decided that it would be dumb to miss the chance of growing some fat for such a good deal. I planned to gain as much as I can in two weeks by eating 10 pieces of bread with a thick layer of peanut butter and Nutella and 5 cans of this sour cream (which is exactly 1kg) per day after my regular meals.

Well, I expected to pack on just about 10 lbs, but what happened next was beyond any forecast. I gained almost 25 lbs, watching my belly and love handles grow and filling out with more fat every day. In the end, I could barely button all of the pants I had at that time, and was feeling so fucking thick and soft. That's when I thought it would be awesome to finish this off with an impressive stuffing evening.

First of all, I bought a large pizza for dinner and a lot of sushi. I intended to proceed with a daily amount of sour cream (5 cans instead of usual two for dinner) and bread with peanut butter and Nutella. I also bought 5 donuts in case I would be able to go for an additional dessert.

After 2 weeks, it seemed that my stomach stretched so much that I barely noticed the pizza-sushi part. It took the hunger away, but I did not feel stuffed at all. So, I began to chug sour cream with greed and arousal. The first 2 cans made me feel rather full, the third one - very stuffed, but I could still 'suck in' my belly (it did not look very different since a thick layer of squishy fat concealed everything). During the fourth one I felt very heavy, letting my belly rest on my thighs, and the fifth one was a real challenge, I had to blow up my belly several times with force (it feels like it's making some more space inside). I finished my fattening carbs and just hugged my huge belly, which felt so incredibly tight. That's when I lusted for a joint of weed to relax and increase the pleasure even more. The belly now felt softer and the skin texture was so squishy when I pinched and grabbed my rolls of flab smiley The donuts were eaten later at night, and the next day I realized that I got a stretch mark on my upper (!) belly. It disappeared a couple of days later.

biggest overstuffing?6 days

Just last week, one of my friends noted that I could eat way more then anyone she's ever seen. We were at Taco Bell after school and I had just finished eating a full taco twelve pack. I sort of laughed, bragging about how I could eat way more then just this. She actually took that as me challenging something and went and bought me six chicken and s track queseridos to go. We got in her car to drive to the mall when she pulled into a near by McDonald's and ordered 3 double quarter pounders and 42 chicken McNuggets. She parked her car in the parking lot of the McDonald's and told me she would buy me food every day for the rest of the college semester if I could eat all of the food. Which I did. And oh boy did it feel amazing.
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