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how fat would you like to be?2 weeks

I never wanna stop

how fat would you like to be?3 days

Honestly I'm not totally sure how big I'd want to get. I definitely want to grow a little too big for my 2XL clothes that are somewhat baggy now. I gain mostly in my belly too, so having my belly hang and touch the bed when I sit down would be lovely. I'm guessing that would put me at about 400 but who knows from there. I just have to get a feel for the fat when I get there.

You're describing just the right way!
I'm continuing gaining to feel fat in every situation I'm in. Standing.. feel my arms against my moobs, belly hanging, folds on my back, sitting - of course belly needs to rest on what I'm sitting on, walking - has to be firewok since all the blubber I have gained is wobbeling around me.
I don't know if I will reach this fat way of life at 400 or 500 and I don't care!! It's not the numbers telling you how fat you are it's your well fed and struggeling body!

how fat would you like to be?2 days

As a really scrawny guy, I only really have a fantasy frame of mind at this point. Sometime in my life, I want to weigh at least 300lbs, but 400 sounds ideally tantalizing. I'd just love to know what having a fat belly and tits would feel like.

Also, I'd like to point out, it brings a smile to my face seeing the posts at the very beginning of this thread and all the goals posted. You open up the profiles and a lot of them either met their goal or surpassed it. Stuff like that makes me happy.
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