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how fat would you like to be?1 month

If I can manage it I'd like to gain to the neighborhood of 750lbs or 800lbs

Since I fantasize about being huge, and play around with padding and stuffing clothes, I fantasize all the time about being extremely obese and what that would feel like. What would it look like? So I stuff my clothes till I can hardly walk, and lay on the couch and the trying to get up off the couch is so erotic! The pants so tight and the fat squeeizgin tight against me is so hot! So, in my fantasy, Id like to be between 800-1000 lbs!

how fat would you like to be?1 month

I think 220-260 pounds would be good start for me because I'm really short.

how fat would you like to be?1 month

I'm a ball belly guy so initially for me just a fat cell over a year ago and early fall last year my goal was to have a fat belly that was very obvious while wearing my motorcycle or snowboard jackets. And that's still true even today. Now I want to keep growing a fatter belly as long as I can remain healthy and do the activities I like smiley

I want more upper belly fat and wider bigger sides!

how fat would you like to be?1 month

would be happy at 400 for now!

how fat would you like to be?3 weeks

My goal atm is 300lbs, My end goal is probably 500-700

how fat would you like to be?2 weeks

I have to take into account that there are loads of people who would get seriously distressed if I packed on the pounds.
Like literally everybody I know. I would love to get fatter step by step, but not sure what my goal would be, probably around 300 lbs for starters, I guess.

The problem is that I'm born in this body under the wrong circumstances, meaning that I can't get bigger without my surroundings noticing my gain.
I can see the problems arise even if I would gain a meager twenty pounds, then they'd just panic and tell me to stop.

It's hard when you can't do what you want.
Of course, I am allowed to surf the site for other fa's like me, but for now, the gain is probably not going to happen. smiley
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