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your stuffing fantasy6 years

Mine's simple. I want to eat until I can barely manage the food-to-mouth motion in a place where I can recline. Then I want someone to hand-feed me a bit more. Until I can barely stand it.

After that I just want to be able to lay back, on my bed/sofa/wherever and get a bellyrub until I've digested enough to eat a bit more. Get fed until I can't stand it, recline/bellyrub, repeat.

your stuffing fantasy6 years

OniGumo that sounds perfectttt i want that too. though i think it'd take quite a while to get you uncomfortably full smiley (/awkward comment about your awesome belly)

i'd also like to be hand-fed while someone really gently touches my belly and tells me how big i look, and encourages me to keep on eating. i wouldn't want my wrists to be tied up, but maybe being told to keep them in my lap?? and just let the person control how much i eat.. mm.

the idea of hand-feeding is SO hot, especially something just a little messy like a cheeseburger with mayo and ketchup? or french fries dipped in cheese or mozz sticks.. something greasy and "naughty" smiley

and then of course, belly rubs afterwards, letting me burp and feel more comfortable, and then nice stuffed naps with the person still stroking my tummy smiley

your stuffing fantasy6 years

I don't think I'd be too into hand-feeding for the whole duration of the gorge, for lack of a better word. But it is ideal for when that "Ugh, can't quite make it..." feeling sets in. To push it just a little farther.

your stuffing fantasy6 years

All of these sound great! I would like to gorge/stuff with my BBW wife encouraging me, maybe even helping me eat more. Get my belly totally gorged, rest then eat more, preferably, sweets, cake etc.

your stuffing fantasy6 years

The first post is very close to mine.

I want to go out to a buffet with my feedee, him wearing slightly too tight clothes and myself wearing something very sexy. At first we will both help ourselves to the buffet but after the first 3 helpings my feedee starts to get too full to get up from the booth. I go up for the next few plates while everyone in the restaurant stares at us. At this point I sit down right next to him in the booth and unbutton his belt and part of his shirt and start rubbing his belly under the table while feeding him more and more food from the buffet.

If he can't eat anymore I loosen his shirt and rub some more. After going up for a second helping of dessert the restaurant staff ask us to leave. My feedee can barely talk let alone stand up. His belly is wedged between the table and the booth.

I explain to the staff that he can't get up and that we need help. The staff move the table out of the way and two servers lift my feedee up and help us to the car....all the while the buffet patrons whisper and secretly take photos.

We load him into the car, barely fitting, when he unbuttons the rest of his shirt and lets his huge distended gut ride up out of his jeans and fall in between his legs onto the car seat as he says...."can we stop at dairy queen on the ride home please"

your stuffing fantasy6 years

Taking a month, or longer, and drive across the continent with a mutually gaining partner. At each stop along the way stuffing ourselves (buffets, weight gain shakes, local specialties, whatever), and constantly pigging out as we drive. Bellies constantly swollen to max, but capacity steadily growing.

We would gain a ton of weight, but not in any one place long enough for people realize we were gaining, or even how much we were eating overall.

At the other end of the trip people would first get to know us as already really fat. And we might think our stuffing days were done, but it would be hard to stop after that long.....

your stuffing fantasy6 years

My fantasy would be to be have my belly rubbed while being fed and having her tell me that I to eat a little more.

your stuffing fantasy6 years

My fantasy.... i go to a buffet and go out of the buffet with a huge hanging soft belly and i can't move normally with that super stuffed belly

your stuffing fantasy6 years

My plump lady feeder tells me she has a surprise for me and leads me into the dining room. The table is covered in a thanksgiving-sized feast; every bite of it mine.

She shoves a plate full of food in front of me and says "eat, fatty." she continues to taunt me and tease me as i devour plate after plate of fattening food, never eating the same thing twice.

As my belly swells she pokes and prods every soft spot. "any more room in there tubby?" My clothes feebly try to cover my expanding gut. I cannot stop eating. I look up at here, my face covered in food, and simply ask "more."


my lady and I have a wonderful home cooked meal, both eating until we are quite full. we then hand feed each other dessert until we're both about to burst. we retire to the couch for cuddles and maybe more.

your stuffing fantasy6 years

I was just thinking about this. I would love to drive from one fast food place to another with my feedee in the drivers seat. We would order tons of food from the drive through and on the way to the next restaurant I would feed him as he drove. From restaurant to restaurant his stomach becomes engorged, tightening up against the seatbelt and the wheel. I keep feeding him while undoing his belt and releasing his belly for belly rubs between restaurants. At the last place we order enough food for an army and go to park in a secluded area. I gorge my feedee on the rest of the food while rubbing his belly and more....
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