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The first post is very close to mine.

I want to go out to a buffet with my feedee, him wearing slightly too tight clothes and myself wearing something very sexy. At first we will both help ourselves to the buffet but after the first 3 helpings my feedee starts to get too full to get up from the booth. I go up for the next few plates while everyone in the restaurant stares at us. At this point I sit down right next to him in the booth and unbutton his belt and part of his shirt and start rubbing his belly under the table while feeding him more and more food from the buffet.

If he can't eat anymore I loosen his shirt and rub some more. After going up for a second helping of dessert the restaurant staff ask us to leave. My feedee can barely talk let alone stand up. His belly is wedged between the table and the booth.

I explain to the staff that he can't get up and that we need help. The staff move the table out of the way and two servers lift my feedee up and help us to the car....all the while the buffet patrons whisper and secretly take photos.

We load him into the car, barely fitting, when he unbuttons the rest of his shirt and lets his huge distended gut ride up out of his jeans and fall in between his legs onto the car seat as he says...."can we stop at dairy queen on the ride home please"
sounds fun I would love to try that
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