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introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

Hey everyone, I'm in Chicago!

I've been here under names Roam-antic, fatcoach, and now I'm here!

Message me!

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hey everyone! I've never been good writting introductions and I've never done it here, i'd rather speak directly to people. I won't give every detail on me here because there's no fun if you can't get to know someone by yourself.

I'm 24 guy, fit/little muscular , I like travelling want to see a lot of countries and not on google map. But don't worry I spend most of my free time sitting on the couch. I like music, especially old rock songs from the 70's and 80's. We can listen to music all day, i won't feel bored. I also love to play video games, adventure games with good story line or those cooperative games you can play on one screen. Needless to say that i'm passionnate about movies and love all kind of superhero movies. But I'm really open into watching almost anything.

What am i doing here? Well I want to meet a nice girl who also appears to be a feedee and like being spoiled. I'd love to help you get fat and enjoy it with you. I'm not bad at cooking pastries although I'm not the best cook in the world (Sorry Gordon Ramsay).
As a person I'm really open-minded and never judging you. And if you get to know me don't get scared because I talk a lot. smiley
So don't hesitate and send me a message here is my email adresse :

I'm using google hangout a lot. Also feel free to contact me here, I don't know if I can get messages on the free version but you always have my email.

Hope to hear from you soon smiley

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks


I'm a 19 year old bisexual transguy from Colorado.

I'm a feeder, but I also love to stuff and bloat my belly (probably will gain a few from doing that XD). Would love to get teased and encouraged as I go on this journey, or else would love to encourage someone else on theirs.

I'm super small right now and aim to gain 10-15 pounds of soft fat in the next few months. I'm hoping to grow, so this small belly I have right now won't stay there for too much longer. I'm also into having my belly all tied up.

Also I'm a writer so if you have any story ideas that you're having issues articulating or something that you'd just like to request, feel free to drop me a line!

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

hi everyone, been on FF before. last year sometime, but left when i started to lose weight by no fault of my own. and fellt i did'nt belong on FF anymore.
now back after i started weight gain again :-)

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hi I'm 19 italian girl looking for someone who wants to chat with me smiley

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hello and welcome smiley

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hi! I'm Paul. I'm a big boy who's looking for people to talk to about the fetish. I also write sexy stories on occasion.

introduction/ say hi thread1 week

Yo ppl I'm Henry. New to the community but I wanna help encourage or be a feeder for women online. I'm a a chill guy and still a bit nervous exploring more of the fetish. Kik is ironmanfan77 or message me if u wanna chat and stuff 🙂

introduction/ say hi thread6 days

Hi smiley I am Cristina from Spain. Been lurking on this website for a while but finally decided to join. It is great to meet all of you and hope we reach our goals .

introduction/ say hi thread6 days

Hi everyone! My snapchat is jgales38 if you want to talk about bbw and fatty stuff smiley oh and for the record i'm a guy smiley
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