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introduction/ say hi thread1 month

Hi All,

I'm Joy. I can't wait to talk to you all. Hopefully make some great friends.

introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

21 y/o male from Oakland, California. Looking for a beautiful fat girl, preferably a gainer, but I'm not picky smiley

introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

Hi smiley. Official de-lurk post.

My username is Curious 1 [get the reference?] and I am a single, straight FA with feeder/encourager tendencies.

I'm looking for friendships (and a relationship sooner or later) so feel free to message or chat with me!

Also on kik

introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

I am Robert, 35 years old, from Germany. 34,7 kg, 171 cm. I consider myself as a feeder and a huge admirer of pudgy girls. Skype: stup.rob

introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

Hello there, chub male about 46 years old, born on year of the pig, if you go by chinese horoscopre, born circa 1971. Lives in the Upstate NY and enjoys the simple life of being pampered by my so called feeder and partner and good female friend of many years. Not looking for anything, but good friendship and laughs and share my experiences in this world of eating, gaining weight and loving my growing fat body. Just also got into my partner's lifestyle of nudism/naturism, as she loves to indulge in resorts, camping and baking and cooking. Were not married and like to keep it the way it is. Not looking for anything on here to be honest as I want to just come on here and make friends and nothing more. So far I like what I see. Ok happy pig out everybody and see you on this site when I can get on here. Oink oink

introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

Hey. I think it's time I stop lurking and come out of the shadows!

I'm a stick thin 18 year old male about to embark on three years at university, and I'm looking to grow! It's taken me a while to accept that I have a thing about weight gain, and this seems like the perfect place to cultivate those thoughts and hopefully turn them into a reality.

I like most foods, though still haven't actively been trying to gain anything, beyond the occasional stuffing and bloating (boiiii those are good.)

I'm currently 121lbs, 5"11, looking to gain the Freshman Fifteen by the end of my first year. I'd consider myself to be predominantly a feedee, but I'm a massive fan of the engorged human form, in particular the male body.

introduction/ say hi thread3 weeks

Hey guys,

Finally back on FF after a long time away. Was just a lurker earlier. Now that I've accepted my fetish completely would love to be more interactive on this website.

Indian media student currently working in Ad films. Would love to have a chat with you people! smiley

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hi y'all, I'm a twenty year old former lurker from Houston. I'm a classically trained vocalist, violist, cellist and cat lady. I've become quite plump at my new desk job and I can't decide if I like it yet, but I decided to take the plunge and join all the nice people here!

Welcome Annabel! Is that your belly in your profile pic!? Because if so, you have come to the right place! What a beautiful round belly! Very attractive figure. I hope you enjoy yourself here and find what you are looking for. I'm here to meet cool new people who share my interests, so if you ever want to chat or anything, feel free to message me! We hope to see more of you around here smiley

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hi everyone! I'm a feedee/foodee from the UK, really love encouragement and teasing- I'm a piggy!
'Greedy' is my favourite word, red head, freckles, pale as a snowman. Pretty 'odd', creative and happy soul smiley xxx

Pale and greedy! 😁 That's my favourite combination.

Nice to meet you. Welcome to this server!

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hi, I'm Tom. I've always been very fit and active, but love larger ladies with soft bodies. I'm looking for friendship - someone to chat to and perhaps go to the pub with in the Winchester/Southampton area.
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