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Hi everybody! smiley
I don't really have anything interesting to write here, but this site seems pretty good.

Heyy Hope your first week is going well😊 I'd love to help you or at least encourage you I've been on both sides of it feeder and feedee. And thank you for sharing your journey with us it's really awesome and you're going to love it! My kik is Jsmooth3373.

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

I'm not sure if this is where I introduce myself. I'm a ssbbw in Illinois. Looking to meet new people....maybe more.

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

I keep joining and leaving and repeating the cycle, back for good and looking to make friends with similar interests. I am in a relationship so not looking for anything romantic. I am a supersized sarcastic computer security consultant and love gaming, cake, my dog, more cake and copious amounts of coffee. I also love the stories on this site and so far I have found no other site that compares. The forums are good for a laugh and support when needed. Hence yo yo sign ups smiley

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hey! I've had several profiles on here over the years, and I keep finding myself back on here. I've been a feeder, and I love all aspects about feederism, and weight gaining.
Recently, I've just decided to let loose a bit. I have gained nearly 50 lb pounds the past year and I'm loving the extra squish.

I'm always down to talk and chat about anything

introduction/ say hi thread2 weeks

Hi! I'm new here. 21 years old from Glasgow Scotland smiley

introduction/ say hi thread4 days

Hey everyone!

I've just joined this site, I'm a 48yo male from Toronto, Canada. Since my teens I've been up and down in weight, always intrigued by gaining and being fat, but then losing it all to be "healthy and socially acceptable". Last time I slimmed down was in 2008, down to 155 lbs, stayed slim for a while, but over the last few years I've been unintentionally chubbing back up a bit due to work stress and a failing relationship. Presently at 190 lbs.

Well, now I'm on my own again, and after some thought, I've decided the time has come to properly get fat again. Obviously most people would think I'm crazy, but I really think I'm happier and more complete when I'm fat, with a nice big soft belly. My goal over the next year is to get up to 250 lbs, heavier than I've ever been, enjoy the ride, and see how I like the end result. Then, maybe aim higher!

I'm hoping this will be a good place to find like-minded individuals who enjoy getting and being fat, and chat about the process and progress. Would be great to have some online (or IRL)encouragement! Hoping to make some new fat friends...

introduction/ say hi thread3 days

Hey boys and girls

introduction/ say hi thread2 days

Hello all!

introduction/ say hi thread3 hours

hi, Im 24 years old girl from Czech republic smiley looking for new friends, maybe more
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