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new inflation method omg3 weeks

I think I found another way to do it guys. You don't even need to plug your nose or your mouth. Lay down in bed or recline in a chair, and take a deep breath like you're diving underwater. Then, with your mouth closed tightly (gently clench your teeth if it helps keep it closed) exhale slowly until your lungs feel empty. When you can't exhale any more, you'll feel a tightness in the back of your throat. This must be the larynx closing up or something. Be sure to fully exhale and then you'll feel it close.

Then, now this is the hardest part to explain...keep your mouth closed and sort of "snore" like the air is coming into your nose and down your esophagus. You may hear a snoring sound and feel cool air coming in the back of your throat, this is how you know you've done it! Now, without opening your mouth and trying to use that snore reflex to keep that valve thingy clamped down, INHALE long and slow. You'll actually FEEL the air rush straight down into your belly as you inhale thru your nose!!!

If you did it right, the effect is instantaneous. Push out with your abdominal muscles as you inhale, and you can feel your stomach expand, not your chest!! It may start to hurt a little and make you feel a bit dizzy, but swallow. Then slowly exhale, repeat the above steps and feel it grow even bigger! It's just like blowing up a balloon with a lungful of air, except you're pumping your belly up by inhaling, somehow bypassing the lungs and drawing a breath into your belly!

I'm a skinny guy with a small stomach capacity but big lungs, and I mastered this technique in under a day. It's so hard to describe but if you did it, you'll know it!! Your chest won't expand, only your stomach!

It's like a food baby when you overstuff yourself. You'll feel a stretching sensation around your navel and it may actually cause a dull pain, but it feels full like your tummy is FILLED with AIR. Do it once and you feel full, breathe in twice and you'll feel stuffed. Do it three breaths, and you could feel and look a about 6 months pregnant. It feels AMAZING.

If you hold it and push your belly out as far as you'll go and hold it as long as you can, you might feel the urge to fart or burp, but I found if you open your mouth and sigh, it just goes back to normal, plus you'll feel great and relaxed, ready to take a deep inhale and try again.

So remember:
1. Blow out sharply
2. Close mouth
3. Pretend to snore, breathe in thru nose
4. Rub your inflated pregnant-looking belly!
5 open mouth and sigh heavily to deflate.

Try it! I'm not crazy!!

(Take before & after pics if you succeed)

Do you exhale through the nose or what?

new inflation method omg3 weeks

Do you exhale through the nose or what?

Nopes - the idea is to inhale it all (or most of it into your belly. I usually swallow after just to make sure it gets/stays down there smiley

new inflation method omg3 weeks

I should add that if you got it right when you DO exhale, it should be very little.
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