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"searching for a story" thread2 years

There was a story on her called "tiers of joy". I think the user left and that may be why I can't find it but does anyone know for sure?

"searching for a story" thread2 years

There is a story that I am looking for in which the main character was this girl and she was being secretly fattened by her mother so the daughter could be a babysitter of her siblings while the mother would go out and have flings. The sister of the main character herself gained weight and there was also a boy involved who desired the main character to be big as well.

I feel that the story I am thinking of may be deleted :-/

"searching for a story" thread1 year

I am looking for a story I read years ago.
A girl take a vacation to Italy (i think it was italy) after graduation. Meets an Italian guy on vacation too, and the two of them indulge the whole time. Naturally they both gain, especially the girl.

I cant remember if I read it on Dimensions or Deviantart.

Does anyone no what it is called.

"searching for a story" thread8 months

I am looking for a story - "Beautiful Bella." Does anyone have it?

"searching for a story" thread5 months

I am searching for a story where a man wake up and finds his body has been transformed into that of a SSBBW (though he retains his genitals). He couldn't figure our what had been done to him. He then starts to get friendly with a neighbor.

Anyone know it? It had many parts.

"searching for a story" thread2 months

I've been looking for years for a story that was on DeviantArt like 2010-2012ish. It was written as Halloween special, I think, and was a Hansel and Gretel tale, except no Hansel, just Gretel. The whole thing was just one scene, with the witch force feeding Gretel through the bars of the cage and playing with her fat. Ridiculously hot, but have never found it again. Anyone who happens to remember it, or, better yet of course, has a copy, let me know XD

"searching for a story" thread2 months

Looking for a story was posted sometime this summer I'm pretty sure if not late spring. Story was about this fitness obsessed girl who goes to her Aunts place. Turns out her aunt had put on a ton of weight. The big difference here between this and other stories that are similar is that this girl doesn't really try to put on weight until she accidentally sees her aunt naked after a shower. She essentially just says screw it and decides to eat like there was no tomorrow.
cakes and innocence?

"searching for a story" thread1 month

Looking for a story titled 'Emma' about a girl who puts on a lot of weight to her mother's dismay. The beginning was quite hot but it got pretty dark towards the end of the story.

"searching for a story" thread3 weeks

Looking for the story on here about a girl that attends a high school where everyone eats and snacks all day. She is reluctant at first, but quickly starts eating up.

Please and thanks.

"searching for a story" thread5 days

Anybody remember the long, realistic, almost depressing story about a young man who visits his grandmother for the summer where he gains weight, comes back and has to deal with his lowered social status as a fat guy? He gets rejected by a woman on his return trip, loses his old girlfriend who is now grossed out by him, gets a dead end job at a burger place where he works alongside a fit young man, gets a sort-of feeder girlfriend but it turns out she is just sadistically toying with him, gets yet another girlfriend, this time hispanic and accepting of his weight, realizes he might be bi, and eventually accepts that his life is changed forever. the story was popular here but I can't remember the title and it seems to have been deleted.
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