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"searching for a story" thread2 weeks

There is a story that I am looking for in which the main character was this girl and she was being secretly fattened by her mother so the daughter could be a babysitter of her siblings while the mother would go out and have flings. The sister of the main character herself gained weight and there was also a boy involved who desired the main character to be big as well.

I feel that the story I am thinking of may be deleted :-/

I remember it. Main character's name started with a V, like Valerie or something. Have you checked Dimensions?

"searching for a story" thread2 weeks

When I first joined a couple months ago, I read a story on here that I haven't been able to re-find. A BHM and his wife throw a party, and they have an open marriage and one of the wife's side-guys comes over, and they're eating a lot and maybe smoking weed too...

Anyone have any ideas what story it was?
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