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"searching for a story" thread7 months

When I first joined a couple months ago, I read a story on here that I haven't been able to re-find. A BHM and his wife throw a party, and they have an open marriage and one of the wife's side-guys comes over, and they're eating a lot and maybe smoking weed too...

Anyone have any ideas what story it was?

"searching for a story" thread6 months

There is a story that I am looking for in which the main character was this girl and she was being secretly fattened by her mother so the daughter could be a babysitter of her siblings while the mother would go out and have flings. The sister of the main character herself gained weight and there was also a boy involved who desired the main character to be big as well.

I feel that the story I am thinking of may be deleted :-/

I remember this one very well. It was called Slimfast, I think. And yeah, it does seem to have been deleted. I'd love to read it again myself.

"searching for a story" thread6 months

Looking for the story on here about a girl that attends a high school where everyone eats and snacks all day. She is reluctant at first, but quickly starts eating up.

Please and thanks.

That story's still here it's called Walter High!

"searching for a story" thread4 months

i'm looking for a story that was written before the improved tags about a fat man, his wife, and his two children that lived in a fat society, where an organization was actively taking over the world to make everyone fatter. they talked about how any 'skinny activists' would be taken to prisons to re-train their brains. the man worked for the government, and the wife was a stay at home. it was so erotic, and is probably my favorite story here. can someone find it???

also!! the cover art was made by eating-and-breeding on deviantart, if thats important!!

"searching for a story" thread4 months

I’m pretty sure it’s “Life in Corporalia”

"searching for a story" thread4 months

Trans Fat Boy:
I'm pretty sure it's "Life in Corporalia"

oh my god you're a life-saver!!!! thankyou!!

"searching for a story" thread3 months

Looking for two. The first one is about a fatter girl who works in an office getting into a relationship with a new female employee who is very fit. The point of view alternates between them. The second one is a lesbian relationship that starts with the slimmer girl noticing how much weight her partner has gained when she drops a fork and cant pick it up
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