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"searching for a story" thread1 month

There was one around here involving a dystopia in which political dissidents were punished by being fattened up. The main character is a girl whose father was a dissident, and she's undergoing this punishment.

Sounds like Sentenced To Obesity by FoodieChef.

"searching for a story" thread1 month

I've been looking for years for a story that was on DeviantArt like 2010-2012ish. It was written as Halloween special, I think, and was a Hansel and Gretel tale, except no Hansel, just Gretel. The whole thing was just one scene, with the witch force feeding Gretel through the bars of the cage and playing with her fat. Ridiculously hot, but have never found it again. Anyone who happens to remember it, or, better yet of course, has a copy, let me know XD

I thibk youre talking about this

"searching for a story" thread1 month

What happened to the story 'Winter Belly' that was up on FantasyFeeder only a few months ago? It had like 400K views too, was good stuff (-ing)...

"searching for a story" thread2 weeks

Hi, I'm looking everywhere for a story I found a while back. A mother is fattening up her 17 year old son before he moves out to university. Does anyone know the title or author??
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