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do feeders ever feel guilty??7 months

No, at no time i was guilty of what i done to my boyfriend.
In only 9 years my Boyfriend turned from a little pudgy to completly immobility and dependet on food and his own fattness.
But in no single moment i thought about the fact that he is immobile for 1 1/2 years. Although he is sick of being an unmoveable *** and being addicted to food.

do feeders ever feel guilty??5 months

I feel that in life I am either very sexually satisfied and living with guilt, or not sexually satisfied at all, but no guilt. I can't really win so my partner and I are trying to find an in between.

I think there are ways to handle it, maybe every year a "loosing weight" session or sth like that. And: There are big, healthy and fit people out there. You can gain and stay fit with swimming, cycling, things like that. You can help his body with special tees to handle the sideeffects. And maybe here are people with "real" experinces about that.

exactly i would love phases of gaining and dping more fitness again and get back in shape and do thesexy fattening again
that would be ultimately hot
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