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integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

I may be crucified for this suggestion but I think it could be beneficial to the site as well as many members.

I'm fully aware that I can purchase a banner if I wish to sell services but what if what I suggest can actually help keep the site afloat in terms of taking care of some of the financial responsibilities of running the site?

Obviously, the site is financed by paying members (and I'm sure admins have pitched in their own funds on numerous occasions). I've purchased a membership for 3-6 months previously but I didn't see much of a difference. Of course with the new blocking feature I may sign up again.

Here's what I propose: And this is just an option. We all have choices. Not everything is for everyone but a majority of members will watch. I mean, look at the video counts.

What about integrating a pay-per-minute option for live feeder (or other) shows?

Now hear me out.
A portion of the proceeds can go to help keep the site up and running and members are able to enjoy their show as well.

As a female (like most of us) I get bombarded with members who prefer to discuss me gaining, eating, etc. before even asking my name or what I like to do. I get that this is a fetish-based site but 99.9% of the members who have contacted me (especially in chat) wish to engage in hardcore feederism discussion in spite of the rules posted about mutual respect.

Also, since so many people are into watching webcams (especially stuffing) that they could pitch in for a tip based show.

Outside of private shows, the foode starts off with a goal of say $50 for a 20 min stuffing show. All of the members watching can tip towards the show to meet the goal. Once it starts only those who tipped can view, everyone else gets disconnected from the live chat.

I understand that everyone on the site mainly has a mutual love for the lifestyle but it's a bit daunting going online and being ultimately turned off because everyone who contacts you goes straight into sex/stuffing talk. This is why a lot of women in particular are leaving and or get discouraged. Let those who wish to engage in that type of behavior go after those who are actually okay with it. You will constantly attract new foodes, and feeders will enjoy the show and keep coming back I am sure. I have yet to see another site where it's all food based. This could be huge. Pun intended! And those who wish to keep things vanilla can do that also as there will be a separate "side" of the site for those purposes.

Why not do something good for everyone? I think it can be a great business opportunity.

There can also be a premium "area" where videos can be purchased/downloaded, items for sale, etc.

No, I'm not trying to turn FF into a cam site but the option should be there. I think it can be a positive thing.

integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

I think that is an amazing idea! I know it would take a lot of work to set up, but that alone could build this site up to it's max potential really quick! Some cam sites also allow people to do free "public" cam shows if you want to, to draw in members sort of like advertising. I myself would be glad to chip in some pics, videos, or cam time, I'm sure many others would too. smiley

integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

Or... Even offering a free upgraded membership to anyone who provides material the website can profit from would be a great idea! I know that wouldn't get as much attention as the prospect of earning money from "working" on here, but it would keep this from becoming a cam site while also being able to turn a profit. Plus with not needing to provide a payout I'm sure that would keep it from getting too complicated. Tax forms and the whole 9 yards. Again, I'd be glad to provide content for a free upgrade!

integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

Thank you, DBS, though I love the upgrade idea. I wanted to mention that only a certain percentage would be given to the site, performers need to be paid too, lol. The tax forms and such would need to be sent out but I definitely think it could take the site to another level while keeping the site's original atmosphere. It would all be completely optional.

integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

Thanks for your suggestion. The problem is that I don't really think that pay per minute web cams really fits in with the concept of a community website. Although we have an adult theme, this isn't meant to be a porn website, which I think it would start to become if we introduced something like this. There are many websites out there already that cater specifically for this sort of thing.

integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

I'm not trying to get on anyone's bad side by saying this but.... I'm pretty sure 99% of members view this as a porn site, just more soft core stuff. I constantly have people referring to me being on here as soft core porn, which in my opinion it is! There are some popular porn sites (I won't mention unless hiccupx asks in pm) that do this exact thing. You have a profile, messages, meeting people, etc. but it's all based around porn. Literally the only difference is other sites aren't all fatties (a lot are though) and that they can show hardcore stuff. I think a pay per minute option would be a fantastic idea, and I highly doubt anyone here would object to it. If you don't want to participate they don't have to. Or if not pay by minute, pay per view on videos, pic sets, etc.

integrated per-minute webcam chat3 years

When saying that you think 99% of members think of FF as a porn site, that immediately makes me think of all the members that are scared away from FF by exactly this attitude.

I spend quite a lot of time on the forum and a topic that keeps being brought up in one way or another is how certain members (mostly female) feel like they are being harassed by certain other members (mostly male). By introducing a pay-per-minute video section to this website, I think the level of harassment will only increase, scaring off even more of the more vulnerable members and attracting more "predators". So I am not a fan of this idea. I think FF is meant to be a safe space where people of many persuasions gather together to share experiences and such.

Sure, some people see FF as a great resource for fap fodder. But I think it would not be a good idea to encourage that attitude.