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what ideas turn you on?7 months

This should be required reading in the reference section.

what ideas turn you on?7 months

That is mandatory reading for any feedee and feeder who is certainly into the extremes of the fetish at least certainly in the mind it definitely is a major turn-on and living the reality of it you would have to be very very dedicated two these ideals

what ideas turn you on?7 months

That is mandatory reading for any feedee and feeder who is certainly into the extremes of the fetish at least certainly in the mind it definitely is a major turn-on and living the reality of it you would have to be very very dedicated two these ideals

Don't be so wishy washy. All it takes is an addict and an enabler, then reality ensues.

what ideas turn you on?7 months

I like the idea of being a sumo wrestler and trying to become the biggest.

My coach suggests I get an assistant to help manage my diet. So I take out an ad.

I'm looking for a woman to help me when I'm not training or wrestling. I'd want someone who had long hair and was a little chubby herself.

I have a cook, but she can make food if she wants.

I'm on a special diet to increase my weight. She can share meals with me or she can eat her own food. If she doesn't want to gain, that's fine.

You would have to wear uniforms. Most of them are pretty skimpy, but that is a requirement of the job.

Note that it's my house, so I like to stay comfortable. I don't usually wear clothes when I'm home. When I do, it's usually just the little speedo the sumo guys wear.

I'm a husky guy. When I come home, I need a bath. You'll have to help me bath and oil myself afterward. I have to keep my skin nice and soft.

Lastly - and this is most important of all. Coach says that I can't have sexual tension while I'm training. So you'd have to relieve me of stress every time and every where I get excited.

You should probably be flexible, cause I'm a big guy.

what ideas turn you on?7 months

Just keep eating. No matter what happens to your body, you can deal with. All that matters is that you stretch and grow until you need someone to care for you. You were born a helpless blob, now eat.

what ideas turn you on?6 months

It excites me too! The imagery of me becoming a mound of jiggling, helpless flesh is a real turn on for me!!😍😍😍

what ideas turn you on?6 months

Making my feede as massive and comfortable as possible. I would massage his bulging stomach and feed him all the best food. I would feed him 4 dozen of my peanut butter banana cupcakes a day slathered in peanut butter cream cheese frosting (hand made of course) we would cuddle and watch movies together as I feed him and pamper him. Eventually his body would swell to massive dimensions and his weight would be a fabulous four digit amount. (If no rules or real life boundaries) the idea of my own 2 ton+ feede excites me.

If only!!! The thought of becoming a quivering mound of helpless flesh is a major turn on!😍😍😍

what ideas turn you on?6 months

The idea to get treated with some animal fattening hormones that are used in industrial feeding and my feeder loving how I fatten up and giving me more and more of it, till I can't stop eating and my belly starts getting huge and my stomach overstretched and after having gained 200 pounds, I want to stop and find that the hormones have messed up my fat metabolism and that now I gain, no matter what I do and my feeder confessing to me that she is totally aroused at my unability to slow down or stop and that she did not want to scare me but actually wants to make me immobile and can't wait to force feed me, at which point my fattening rate would go though the roof and my belly would hang down to the floor. I run away, feel my mobility going away, have already trouble walking, my belly to my knees and wobbling and jiggling like a massively fattend up porker-pig and she telling me that there is no turning back and that I will gain anyway and why not speed up the process? She is rich and I will be able to get around on a special scooter. That she really wants to fatten me up hard and see how fast my belly would fatten and that she can't wait for my gut to hang down to the floor and that I should just try it out. And I can't resist, try hard and then one night, meet her and tell her that she can go ahead and fatten me freely and that I realize that no doctor could help me, and that I would just be miserable, that it is better to get somebody that loves super fat and can take care of my special needs for fattening. She confides in me that she has always had a thing for pigs and humans that are like pigs, that were born to fatten and can't stop, which is the hottest thing for her. The sex is fantastic, but carries a price of tons and tons of fat, because she feeds me till I think I will explode every time before sex.

what ideas turn you on?6 months

Feeding a dom that is role-playing as my dad. I would love to fatten up or encourage a daddy dom so much.

what ideas turn you on?4 months

For me it's a feedee realizing points of no return. First having so many stretch marks in so many places that they know they are forever changed. No matter how much weight they lose, their shape and appearance is preeminently altered. A mark of shame, pride, ownership, or all three.

A feedee realizing that they crave fat and sugar even when they aren't hungry.

A feedee realizing the amount of food it requires to simply not feel hungry still causes weight gain.

A feedee realizing that their fat hangs so low that no matter how much weight they lose, a loose flap of skin will form sagging rolls.

A feedee realizing they've gotten so week they aren't physically capable of safely exercising enough to lose weight without dieting, and that they are too dependent on a feeder to have control over what they eat.

A feedee being told there will be no new clothes, but they are too addicted to stop and inevitably discover their last article of clothing doesn't fit. In that moment, they are house bound.

The first time a feedee can't stand without help. Realizing that even if they have the will to diet, they can be denied help getting up if they don't finish eating.

A feedee realizing they will never walk again.

A feedee finding out they are too heavy for weight loss surgery and any form of exercise takes too much oxygen.

And my favorite...the first bite. The one you remind them of until their last bite. When you explained every point of no return they were in for if they decide to eat this first bite from your hand. Once swallowed, there is no going back.

Definite turn on!

Omg i want this i want to be a slave to my fat and my feeder as long as u have sex while im eating tell me how fat i am oh getting hott thinking about it

Binging now! So ME!
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