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what ideas turn you on?4 months

That slightly embarrassed guilty feeling when you've absentmindedly polished off an entire tray of brownies or gallon of ice cream.

Wearing form fitting clothes that show off every curve...bonus if it's a thin, flimsy material that shows the bumps of cellulite and rolls of flesh.

Finally weighing more than your much taller partner.

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Anyone else turned on by the idea of squeezing?

Putting on so much weight so fast that you're squeezed by your clothes/walls of the room you're in?

what ideas turn you on?4 months

wearing shirts that are too small and leave my big belly exposed, or tight shirts that ride up whenever i move or stretch, especially if someone else is forcing me to wear them or if i'm out in public

feeling / seeing my belly jiggle and bounce when i move

being tied down, having a hose shoved into my mouth, and getting pumped full of water until i feel like i'm going to burst, belly expanding until my shirt buttons pop

getting teased because of my belly and having my belly poked, slapped, prodded, etc

i also fantasize about being in a relationship where i'm completely submissive to my partner and they only let me wear clothes that are too small and tight to show off how fat i am while they (force) feed me and play with my belly

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Feeling my belly and ass bounce as I walk.

Getting compliments on my fatness.

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Being able to keep up with the appetite of my 350lb pear shaped friend...who just ordered a pizza for I know she can hit 600lbs in a heart beat if she were in a guilded cage of unlimited food, pampering, video games, and lovers. She's busting out of her clothes, destroying chairs, etc and she doesn't even have a double chin yet. Sooo hot.

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Weigh myself , measuring my belly .

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Some are fantasies, some are realities.

Needing help standing.
Being brought food at a buffet.
Being hand fed.
Feeling a loving hand slip under my shirt and onto my belly while in public.
Being told I need to gain more weight.
Being told what to eat.
Seeing a stranger look at me with admiring eyes.
Waking up with my night gown exposing my belly.
Being told to order clothes that are bigger than I currently need.
The surprise on someone's face when they pass my table and see that all the food is for me.
Outgrowing clothes.
Belly rubs either with or without oil.
Having a breast lifted as if being checked out for weight.
A second dessert at a restaurant.
Someone quietly putting food on my plate when out with a group ir with family because they know I am trying to be polite but they know I am hungry.
Eating an entire container of something or an entire cake etc.
My belly, especially when overstuffed.
Feeling my belly sway as I walk.
Imagining myself bigger, even filling the entire bed.
Gluttony dreams.
Being weighed and seeing a higher number.
Having someone's hand at the very top of my belly and under my breasts so they can feel the changes as I get fuller and fuller.
One finger lightly tracing patterns under my hanging belly.
Seeing a large person and knowing I am bigger.
Imagining eating food as I walk through the grocery store and only giving the clerk empty containers to ring up. I promise I only do some of that now.
Knowing I am so big that there is no turning back.

I have a lot of turn-ons

This right here is what awesome is made of.

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Turn-ons that have come true?
My wife getting attention for how fat she is.

We were window shopping, when another woman looked right at her and said out loud, "Uggh...she's so FAT!"

There was the time she couldn't buckle her own airplane seatbelt, and a supermodel-like young attendant had to lift her tummy up by the love handles to tuck the seatbelt in between her rolls. She patted my wife's belly with a big smile afterwards. Best air service ever, she said later!

Or the wedding party, where a bunch of drunk friends who hadn't seen her in years surrounded her and literally started grabbing her fat rolls all over and jiggling her.
"Wow, you got HUGE!"
"You're like a giant marshmallow!"
Talking to me: "Hey, are you sure you can handle ALL this woman?"
My wife thought it was pretty funny.

She even said she wants to wear the tiniest bikini she can fit into the next time we go swimming, just so people will stare at her.

what ideas turn you on?4 months

Oh, there was that time I went with her to the doctor.

Her cardio was perfect- but she was clearly the most obese patient he had ever seen. He had to struggle to find a reason to convince her to lose weight.

"Uhh...your belly must be so uncomfortably heavy! Wouldn't you want to feel lighter."

HER: "Meh...not really."

We both agreed it's not really his fault. People in Japan aren't really used to dealing with people wider around than they are tall, after all.
But it did excite her in a special sort of way.
Afterwards, she told me, "I have to take longer lunch breaks now, I'm not getting nearly enough to eat."
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