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life on the farm2 years

I think id be a cow for milking smiley

life on the farm3 months

I want to be the male who gets put on hormones and force fattened while they hook me up to the milking machine.

that's me too smiley

life on the farm3 months

I'd definitely be a farmer.

Organic, cruelty-free, free-range wholesome human dairy. Taking care of my milking fatties and watching them grow, eat, and be happy.

And trucking the biggest, fattest, and happiest of them up to the county fair!
Showing them off to everyone and winning prizes for their sheer obesity!
An article in the local small-town newspaper about the fair, with a picture of me proudly standing next to a titanic naked blob with a little smile on her face- my blue ribbon prizewinner!

life on the farm1 month

I'd always want to be a big fat pig/cow being stuffed in every way waiting for someone to serve me at a huge feast where they would tie me up on a table and just take turns doing what ever they wanted to me!
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