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what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?2 weeks

This is a great thread and really draws me to the FF site because I like to read and learn about my fellow FAs and the amazing BBW inner desires/preferences.

I didn't always know my girl friends weight: I remember a girl who blossomed in middle school to have glorious breasts and a round belly that they rested upon. I always tried to sit next to her on the school bus and pray for curves where I could feel her softness upon me. I couldn't take my eyes off her, and she always offered up a knowing smile of my adolescent lustsmiley

In college I worked at a library in the periodicals department. A girl worked there who was very full figured and she had this wonderful habit of squeezing by me back in the storage shelves.... and it took my breath away. She was an actress and because of her larger size played an older woman in a play I saw her in. Later at her place she told me how tight the costume was, and I asked if I could help her out of it - my first brush with experiencing the beauty of a woman of larger size in clothing she thinks she can still fit in, in clothing designed for a societal "norm" that her love of eating has shattered wondrously with expanding pounds of pride.

When I had my first job as a caseworker I met Dena. I really enjoyed speaking with her about her case and asked if I could call her (note: this is pre-cell phone days of no texting and having to compete with room mates for telephone time - God I'm oldsmiley. So things went well and I asked to meet for a date. She put it off and put it off.... And in the mean time every Friday she would drop off a delicious treat of donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies at my work place. Finally it came out - she told me that she had gained weight and was 297 pounds. This was the first time I ever knew a woman's weight, so it was just a number and it was almost twice my own weight at the time. We met in the most romantic manner possible (a hotel where she had written the most heartfelt letter saying that it was ok if I withdrew if I found her to fat) with candles and soft music. I felt so drawn to her, breathless at times, savoring her curves and softness. Over the course of our relationship I found that we tended to meet in secluded places (hotels and a cabin up in the mountains) where she loved to cook and feed me. I finally turned the tables to feed her, which kind of shocked her because she was on a path to lose weight to be more "attractive". My actions of being completely aroused when she was scantily clad in tight negligee spoke multitudes about my lust for her. And on weeknights we'd meet for dinner at a restaurant and she always gave me a blowjob in the parking lot, calling it her desert!

As a side note, it was around this time (late '80s) that I discovered BUF magazine which featured women of larger variety and who actually had big bellys on display! I had never been drawn to the standard Playboys or Penthouse, but did purchase quite a few issues where a BBW was featured... thank God we now have the Internet smiley

I moved back East and dated different types of women, not all BBW (which again by the way wasn't a term I knew at this point). I married a woman who was tall and around 160 pounds. When we had our first child she gained 80 pounds and I was so turned on by her belly and hips that she told me the doctor said no intercourse in the final weeks of pregnancy (a crushing blow). She kept the weight and we had another child 14 months later! I told her that her weight gain was beautiful, but she just could not maintain it due to her self image, peer pressure (she had 5 sisters who were the Roman chorus of being "normal" size). Our love life eventually faded in to the mist, and we went our separate ways through divorce 6 years ago.

Shortly thereafter I met a new girlfriend, Connie. She had large breasts and a great belly (where the top half sectioned over the bottom half with massive girth). I was completely turned on, more sexual in the years of our relationship than I had been in the previous decade. But she said that her weight gain was the result of taking anti depressants and that she wanted to lose weight. Again, a woman not truly happy being heavier and despite my clear affirmations and demonstrations of instinctual FA preference, and we broke up.

Which brings me to the past couple of years. It's been a Renaissance period for me as a man in my 50s who can use the web to express my true self, my true draw toward the fully expressed woman, the woman who has savored every morsel of food and drink she loves in abundance and has the widening hips, expanding belly and larger breasts to show for it. The physical attraction to the BBW/SSBBW/Feedee is undeniable for me, and what I really like is reading blogs and threads like this one where I find kindred spirits to share my passion and journey with.....

I just noticed my original reply was cut off. See it below.

what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?4 days

For me she was 650 and absolutely amazing

what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?3 days

For me she was 650 and absolutely amazing

So, tell us about her! 😉

what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?3 days


what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?3 days

This is a comment to Halever's post -

BUF, Gent, Fling, and Plumpers and Big Women. Great magazines that focused on larger women. I liked them all.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed reading them. 😁

what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?3 days

I got to say well over 450. I wish I knew then what I know now. Family had moved then we went on our own ways. Wish I could find someone again..

what is the heaviest girl that you have ever dated?2 days

Biggest I've dated was maybe 250. The biggest I've taken out was 350. Was supposed to be a meet up and hang but ended up as a date that ended badly
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