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daily "i'm fat" reminders5 months

The water in the bath tub doesn't reach over my belly anymore. There's also way less space in the bath.

daily "i'm fat" reminders5 months

All the ways my arms have become too"short":
- too short to reach across my fat gut and buckle a seatbelt.
- too short to put on socks comfortably (a lot of balancing and jumping around as my fat jiggles)
- too short to reach something on the ground (whether sitting or standing)

daily "i'm fat" reminders5 months

The way people immediately look at your body to say "Damn your fat!" Before good manners blocks it out of your mind. I catch almost everyone I work with staring at my belly. I thought it was because my shirts were strained and gapping at the buttons, but they do it as much or more now that I've bought loose (for now) clothing.

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

Realizing the only way to sit comfortably on the bus is to straddle two seats because I'm too fat to fit in one.🤗

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

growin guy:
Realizing the only way to sit comfortably on the bus is to straddle two seats because I'm too fat to fit in one.🤗

Oh yeah, getting too fat for vehicles!
My wife really needs two seats to herself, but can get away with one because she knows I'm fine with her resting all her excess flab on me.
But I don't think she could travel alone comfortably anymore.
The poor average rando who had to sit next to her would get uncomfortable or even upset.
The last time we flew overseas, a lovely young flight attendant had to buckle her in by lifting her belly up by the love handles and tucking the seatbelt in between her fat rolls!

Now that's what I call service with a smile!

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

Trousers no longer sit round my belly always slip so they sit under my growing belly

Just a side note, I can't believe how I've gotten to love that. If I can, I pull my belt one hole tighter. It pushes my belly fat up and over the belt. It's actually comfortable because my shirts stay tucked in. Once my pants find their "sweet spot" they stay there. So many benefits to being fat, dontchoo agree? smiley

Maybe I'm wearing the wrong kind of belt, but under just doesn't feel right to me. I prefer around.

Just bought new pants. Funny how I used to wear 42W x 34L and now I guess because my belly is pushing my pants lower I now wear 44W x 32lL.

Ah well, different strokes, different folks.

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

One that happened recently: having trouble getting out of bed.

She tried to lean up with a super-intense grunt [it's SO lovely when an obese woman grunts!], plopped back down on the mattress with a thud, and we both started laughing!
She had to roll over on her belly onto all fours to lift herself up, with her gut hanging onto the mattress (not as soft as her, really!) Usually I lend her an arm to grab onto, but I was still half asleep...

I can just see one of those garbage tabloids posting a story like

Except we really enjoyed that moment, laughing together as I teased her about her weight.

The difference between "fat and sad" and "fat and happy" is actually WAY more important than the difference between fat and slim, from my experience!

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

either I've grown some recently or Delta Airlines has the shortest seat belts. A little surprised when for the first time for me the seat belt would not buckle. Had to fake it because I was not about to ask for an extender. Close on other Airlines but could always buckle.

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

For me it's not being able to wrap a towel around my waist after a shower. Even a giant bath sheet isn't big enough anymore.

Also having to turn slightly sideways to get through some doors.

daily "i'm fat" reminders3 months

When my best friend was more actively into gaining, even if she never truly get at the starting point of obesity spectrum (ponderously speaking, she already climbed out through the very extreme upper set of clinical overweight mark while she weighed over 170lbs - for somebody stood up 5" 5' - then because of her naturally-athletic body then a fat distribution which tend to focus mostly around her both chest and lower body frame first, she kept a relativelly well-endowed figure even while she'd got chunky) she often noticed the way she have to tackle with her spatial environment differed regarding her fluctuating body type over years.

Since four-five years, her weight "set point" climbed up at 130lbs (compared to a starting 112-17lbs the first time we met each other) , but as soon she starts to plump out beyond the 130s pounds, she always notice a few minor changes which reminded her she's on the way to piling on pounds.
By example, at the workplace she goes since five years there is a small man-made space at a corner of the store, ranged between the cashier's row and the convergent corridor where are located the doors leading to the place's warehouse then the employee's rooms, so the personnel can goes around their different business much more quickly and efficiently. This "hallway" is very short, hardly two-three steps to pass from a range to an another, then so narrow that even a person of lesser stature like most of people working there have difficulty to pass their way through it... so I cannot even imagine the situation the few stout female employees undergoes when this is their turn!
My friend whom to her was, depending the situation, either one of the most thinniest female members, either the lesser heaviest one: unless we talk about a season where the then-only obese cashier returned to her home country for marrying her fiancÚ, which made of her the newest "fat one" for a brieve while.

So, at 130lbs, she arrived to pass her way through the way without any real trouble, thanks to her slender (yet fairly bottomed) build, her great dexterity then her sense of adaptibility: but the situation could change drastically went at the 140s-mark, even if she was still rather slim at this size, she cannot helped herself but felt her slighty wider hips knocking out back-and-forth each side of the scarp. Even when she was skinny and quite banana-shaped instead that hourglass/spoon-type she had when her figure expands, she'd still got a set of more blossoming lower curves with a ballpark width of 34 inches at the 110s, then 36-7 at 125-30lbs: but at this past time, her assets neighbored the 40in, so she did adapt herself to the bodily changes caused by her then-flowering bubble rear.
Then, because nowadays, with all the weight yoyo-ings she has known her hips may stick out to a roughly 44in when her poundage climb up temporairly between 145-150lbs (there was a time no long before she have such width around her both hips and buttocks only when she pass to the 160lbs - her starting chubby mark) : so now instead bumping back-and-forth forward this happened she now slided her momentarily-pear silhouette a bit sideway to not have to wedge her markedly bigger hindquarters in-and-out... though once she admitted whenever her shift was done, loving to do it just to enjoy the whole delightful sensation this experience provided to her, physically and sensorially speaking. Also, because of this, she cannot worn her favorite dresses and skirts at this moment because her biggest ones were all from Size-12 (Medium size) and she confessed to me being surprized that her buttocks squeezed in so uncomfortably.

Before this last experience at 145-50lbs then that her hips became definitively her most largest body area, she already knew many breast growth spurts: once barely a 34B at her skinniest, every single time she past through the 125s, the 140s, the 150s or 160s, something automatically triggered her boobs to size up one, two even four inches bigger in the lapse of only three to five days! So, someday - either two years ago - she finished by spurting a well-plenty 42DDD at only 150lbs (for a girl who once spurted a 34B then past most of her early aduldthood around 36C to 42D regarding her weight, that expansion shocked her noticeably) , that which one more time changed drastically her space/environmental self-awareness: she cannot worn S-sized nor M-sized tops anymore because they looked like tank tops on her, she started temporarily to wear sport bras only because five pounds more then she bursted out from every single newly bra she purchased, the littiest move then her knockers bounced from their own, male clients same as the passer-by on the streets were all distracted by her more-and-more creased-out cleavages... when we take a gentle stroll together, she seemed sometimes voluntairly yet "discreetly" brush one's breast against my arm for no reason (perhaps for better apprehend how the gap between her bust and my
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