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inflation techniques?3 years

To Moderation,
oh yes that would be really great and you canīt do anything but wait to be bloated up more and more.

inflation techniques?1 month

Has anyone did the baking soda and vinegar bloat? I'm curious about doing it. Like how much baking soda and vinegar should I use?

inflation techniques?3 weeks

I've tried baking soda and water, then chugged diet pepsi afterwards. Didn't get huge but could definitely feel a change.

inflation techniques?2 weeks

How much water and baking soda?

inflation techniques?5 days

I'd say a couple tbsp baking soda to 4 oz of water. Then I chugged pepsi. It was weird and I didn't bloat as much as I thought I would but it felt seriously cool.

inflation techniques?4 days

I gave it a try. Tastes nasty, but I do feel a little bloated.
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