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a question for the ladies11 months

For me, its all about the squish, whether it's rounded, lumpy, in several rolls, nothing is better than pressing into squishy fat. I used to get turned on making pizza dough because of this!

a question for the ladies9 months

They can be both very beautiful, but at extremely large sizes the double belly starts to have clear advantages. It can poke out further forward, making the body look much rounder, while after a certain size a single belly only grows downwards, looking flat instead of round.

a question for the ladies2 weeks

I have a big kinda round belly that hangs..apron. don't like the apron cause it hurts my thighs and hard to wash under. Plus my csection scar itches...

a question for the ladies2 weeks

Quite interesting thread...

a question for the ladies2 weeks

for me i prefer my belly the way it is now: soft and jiggly and flabby. i just think it's so cute and fun to play with that way smiley

a question for the ladies2 weeks

I'd prefer to lose the belly if I could and only keep the pussyfat. (yeah I know I'm weird LOL)

a question for the ladies2 weeks

My wife says her belly is her favorite body part!
She complains that I don't rub it nearly enough


When she's restless at night, I can put her to sleep by jiggling her tummy so it ripples back and forth.
And she said the prettiest feature of her whole body is her bellybutton.
She's pretty fat, but not very tall, so instead of a double belly she just has a big hanging apron. Her bellybutton is like a giant soft crater.

"Cute," she called it.
How could I argue?

a question for the ladies6 days

Wish my belly would be bit bigger
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