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looking for weight gain data...2 years

I'm working on a short story (which due to the 'all characters must be 18+' rule can't be posted here) and have run into a problem: I want to check the viability of a female teenage character's weight doubling over the course of a year. I know I could just SAY it happens, but I want to know if it's physically possible. Does anyone have links to medical studies about rapid weight gain?

looking for weight gain data...2 years

My best friend doubled her body weight in 3 months. High dose steroids caused it though. Guess that probably doesnot help.

looking for weight gain data...2 years

That's a rule? It's ignored often, one of the three most recent BBW weightgain stories stars a 17-year-old.

Anyway, I've seen a woman more than double her weight in less than a year just by eating like crazy. She found ways to eat between 6,000 and 11, 000 calories per day and, starting around 110 pounds, had gained 50 more in a little over a month. It was easy to keep going after that.

Speaking more generally, if you have the stomach capacity and the right foods it's possible to gain and maintain a conservative maximum of a pound and a half per day, and sustain that indefinitely until health, budget or mobility get in the way. If you do the math, it means you'd have to be incredibly heavy NOT to be able to double your weight in a year.

looking for weight gain data...2 years

Depends on what you mean by doubling... could someone 100-120 lbs gain that amount in a year? Absolutely!

Could someone 400 lbs gain that much in a year? Unlikely, now you are talking sci fi or some other intervention.

looking for weight gain data...10 months

Not to be a downer, but the most I've ever seen or heard in real life is about 100-120lbs in a year. That is a situation of a lot of stress-induced overeating (a divorce in an abusive relationship, specifically) from someone already fat. In real life, gaining even 50lbs in a year is a feat. After a few months, the body starts readjusting its metabolism, so its hard to keep going at a fast clip.

I would say that it helps if someone was fat before--its easier to regain weight than it is to gain the first time.

If you're trying to have someone double her weight in a year and keep the story realistic, why don't you have her (assuming she's 18-19) start college after recently losing a 80lbs (medical weight loss pills or something drastic) and then regain from 110lbs to 220 in a short time, perhaps overeating out of stress, rebellion, or something realistic?