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wannabe feedee wife has small appetite2 years

Nope! Is she in her 20's or is she thirty+

If she is younger it may be more difficult although she doesn't sound that thin by your specifications you gave. If she is older than she should gain easier.

If she is willing have her stuff with big Fattening meals...Lasagna, pasta etc. later in the day while skipping breakfast. Her dinner should be the biggest meal and close to bedtime. Also after being full after her big meals follow it with fattening deserts that she likes. After make her some fattening milkshakes or buy should be pretty easy to still down liquified calories even after being so full. She will feel huge and bloated after this which is fine. Massage and gently rub her belly. These liquid calories will do two things first they will add many fattening calories while already being full as well as stretching her stomach and eventually after doing this for several weeks to a month her stomach will be stretched out and she will not only require way more food she will actually crave all the fattening calories from deserts and sugar.

Eventually she will be heavier and fatter, look and feel that way and act like more of a Fat wife because she will be hungry all the time and sacrifice any workouts for dates out with you stuffing her face.

wannabe feedee wife has small appetite2 years

Just take your time and enjoy. The women I have fattened up took months as they were all thin and active. Enjoy the journey.

wannabe feedee wife has small appetite7 months

To secretfeeder1979: how did you accomplish this if the girls were active? As in going on runs, the gym several times a day? How do you overcome this and eventually make them gain?

wannabe feedee wife has small appetite7 months

They became less active over time and their appetite increased. I always keep their favorite treats in stock...candy, ice cream, wine, etc.

wannabe feedee wife has small appetite6 months

Appetite can be changed in a fairly short amount of time if you force yourself to eat differently. Whether you want a larger appetite or a smaller one, the key is to eat at your desired level for a couple weeks and pretty soon anything else starts to feel unnatural. The initial changing of the appetite is definitely a challenge though. But if someone with a small appetite forces themselves to eat an extra 1000 calories per day for a month, they will be hungry as shit if that extra food suddenly got taken out of their diet.