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what do you like about gaining?5 months

There's a few things that I really enjoy about gaining:

1) outgrowing clothing - noticing that my clothes are getting tight is fine, but when they don't actually fit anymore - like when a t-shirt is too small, and rides up when I lift my arms (and the tightness around the arms from my arm flasmiley, or when buttoning up pants or a shirt requires me to inhale to do it. I have to admit, I do find it a turn on when I let out my belly and I can see the trackmarks of my waistband of my pants still fresh along my stomach.

2) taking up a lot more room with my fat ass. I can't tell you how turned on I was when I got to the point that fitting into a McDonalds/Burger King/whatever fast food booth required me to squeeze in. While riding public transit and when it's not busy, I like that I nearly take up two seats with how big I am now.

3) the contrast of then vs. now. Seeing older photos of me when I was thinner and comparing them with how I look now. Wow.

what do you like about gaining?5 months

Right now:
1) Being able to enjoy eating without worrying about consequences (clothes aside)
2) Watching my stomach slowly expand and develop an overhang.

what do you like about gaining?3 weeks

Personally, the one thing that I like about gaining is that I get to be myself and decide when to stop eating. I am on a streak to try to get fatter and fatter, as this goes on, I'd like to say that I like gaining because I have no limit on my decisions for food.
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