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what do you like about gaining?9 months

Right now:
1) Being able to enjoy eating without worrying about consequences (clothes aside)
2) Watching my stomach slowly expand and develop an overhang.

what do you like about gaining?5 months

Personally, the one thing that I like about gaining is that I get to be myself and decide when to stop eating. I am on a streak to try to get fatter and fatter, as this goes on, I'd like to say that I like gaining because I have no limit on my decisions for food.

what do you like about gaining?3 months

I also love seeing the before and after photos recently trawled all my old photos from teenager to now and made my own movie gave me such a buzz.
actually think I like myself better now that when I was thinner also love big tummies seeing myself change.

what do you like about gaining?3 months

For HER, it's the romance of being fed.

She said it's like a girl's dream come true- being able to enjoy all her favorite foods, and instead of worrying about her figure, knowing that she's becoming more beautiful the more she eats.
Like a "happily ever after" princess story, if the princess needs a little help sometimes due to how massive she's gotten ~_________^

what do you like about gaining?3 months

Food is what makes me happy and big tasty meals got me in perfect bliss.

I like to grow bigger so I take more space and it reminds me to not apologize for who I am and what I want : I am here on this earth and will live to please me, not you.

Curves are fascinating, soft, cute and sensual in the same time.

what do you like about gaining?1 month

Definitely the guilt free eating. Also the out growing of clothes. The way my belly and moobs jiggle as I walk. Running out of breath easier and the realization that I take up more space than I once did.

what do you like about gaining?5 days

What do I like about it? Watching my belly getting bigger!
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