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being a real pig?1 year

Im look for a master to dom me as a pig just as fantasies not for real, pm me if you are interested

being a real pig?2 months

I would so love this

Me too! Would love an old pig!

being a real pig?2 months

I fantasize about having my own slobby fat pet piggy girl. I would love to have her act like a pig, crawling on all fours, snorting and oinking, wearing ears and a tail. I would love to fatten her up as much as I could, even if she grew so obese that she couldn't get out of bed and waddle around anymore. Her room would be her own little pig pen, covered in trash and food debris. I would love to feed her all sorts of delicious fattening food, rubbing her blubber and telling her how huge she's getting. She would be my prized hog.
I would love to be that gal

being a real pig?1 month

Id love for that to happen to me

being a real pig?2 weeks

Love all parts of this. The dehumanization and loss of dignity as the acceptance of the addiction grows, letting go completely. Terribly erotic! OINK OINK
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