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what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 weeks

Back when I was 5 years old, I saw a cartoon where a slim woman was force fed a bunch of cookies until she became obese and immobile.

I distinctly remember how turned on it made me to see someone that society viewed as beautiful transform into a heaping fat pile of laziness. Years later, I started fantasizing about it happening to me. A curvy, fat woman making me into something similar to her image.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 weeks

I didn't know that this was why but at a very young age when I stuck balloons under my shirt I got some type of feeling .. A strange feeling but I liked it .

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 weeks

I got so excited watching the inflation scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (that's the 70s original starring Gene Wilder), that was before I even knew what being turned on was.

Now it all makes so much sense smiley

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?1 week

For being a Feeder/FA; it started out as a fascination with pregnant women and how their bellies and breasts grew so large and round. From their I branched out to chubby girls and kept expanding.

For being a gainer; I would pretend to eat or drink a lot, then stuff my clothes with pillows to look and feel fat. I eventually started using my dad's t-shirts and shorts so I could stuff even more pillows and imagine being too fat to move.

I also ate whatever I wanted without caring because I was so skinny as a kid. I couldn't completely understand the weird feelings I had every time someone would tell me "You're gonna get fat one day". Now I do. 😊😁

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?2 hours

Speaking of the old Popeye there was an episode where Olive Oyl gets obese. It was when Popeye was gone overseas so she ate out of boredom n loneliness. She loses weight at the end. It was a turn on. Love seeing skinny people turning obese

I remember that cartoon. I think it was called "Weight for Me."

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?45 mins

From my earliest memory, around 5 till 11 one of my uncles was so big that he looked like the size of a sumo and the width of 2 people and a belly so big that it just seemed like you had to hang over a tabel to give someone a hug and i really wanted to be his size around 200/240Kg so really Huge and my Goal is 140 to 180 Kg max so i really hope that in 1 more year i have a Girl Friend Feeder or fe and around 140 kg or 160
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