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what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

From my earliest memory, age 5 or 6, I've masturbated to thoughts of being fat. By my teens I could only get aroused by fat women. Now, there is no limit to how fat I want to be and I constantly think about being with an enormously fat woman.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

When I was in middle school I was chubby and my teacher was a big man who always wore his pants under his huge belly and it turned me on so much lol. He use to lean over me to help me with work and he smelled good, he was so amazingly heavy, he made me feel so covered 😍😍. I also had a friend who's older brother 18 was fat when I was 16. He'd wear no shirt when I came over and he would burp alot. Once he was playing, kept asking me if I wanted to rub his "gut" ( he called it) which I later found out it was because my friend told him I liked fatter guys.

Years ago, I discovered padding!
Transforming my self from model like slim to beerbellied fatty!
Never understood!

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months


As a child/teenager, I craved for images and stories of fat people - I looked for fattest person entries in the guiness world records and had a documentary on vhs that I'd recorded off the tele about supersized women.

I remember doing that!

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

It always made me feel awkward when watching Winnie the Pooh eat all of Rabbit's honey and grow so fat he got stuck and couldn't get out. I didn't know why a cartoon made me so uncomfortable.

Also the children's novel Jelly Belly, where the kid gets sent to fat camp and they have secret gorges in the woods while cheating on their diets.

All makes sense now, of course... 😇

oh my goodness I had that book, I read it all the time, I loved it

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

oh the first.. I guess it was kindergarten so I was around 4 or 5 at the time... I had this friend that we always played pretend with.. she would become a dragon and I would get really, really fat.. really that should have been enough of a hint looking back on it XD

And later at 9 or so I had this game with my younger sibling where I'd lay down on my parents bed (2 person obv. and then put an old matres on top of me, they would climb on the mattress and I'd move around trying to throw them off... honestly? while I loved the game and the laughs it got from my siblings , I also absolutely adored the pressure of the mattress with two kids on it..

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

ellianna evvs:
I'm not sure when it happened for sure, I just always remember being so interested and fascinated when I would see a big gut. I remember an instance when I was maybe seven, I was with my parents at the mall and we were in the food court and I was watching what was the biggest guy I had seen (at that time) gorging. I was mesmerized

My parents eventually looked over at what I was looked at and told me that it was rude to stare but I wasn't staring to be rude, it was out of interest

I guess when you know your fetish, you just know (:

Mine was filling my belly with water before a bath. Also a dream where a girl I liked in primary school squeezed y thigh and said 'sooo fat!'

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

I can't remember exactly but probably when I saw an actress on tv after a big weight gain. I thought she looks cute after the transformation. I was kind of intrigued by how much she let herself go.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

Back when I was 5 years old, I saw a cartoon where a slim woman was force fed a bunch of cookies until she became obese and immobile.

I distinctly remember how turned on it made me to see someone that society viewed as beautiful transform into a heaping fat pile of laziness. Years later, I started fantasizing about it happening to me. A curvy, fat woman making me into something similar to her image.

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?8 months

I got so excited watching the inflation scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (that's the 70s original starring Gene Wilder), that was before I even knew what being turned on was.

Now it all makes so much sense smiley

what were the earliest signs of your fetish?7 months

For being a Feeder/FA; it started out as a fascination with pregnant women and how their bellies and breasts grew so large and round. From their I branched out to chubby girls and kept expanding.

For being a gainer; I would pretend to eat or drink a lot, then stuff my clothes with pillows to look and feel fat. I eventually started using my dad's t-shirts and shorts so I could stuff even more pillows and imagine being too fat to move.

I also ate whatever I wanted without caring because I was so skinny as a kid. I couldn't completely understand the weird feelings I had every time someone would tell me "You're gonna get fat one day". Now I do. 😊😁
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