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into rp? post your info. here!3 weeks

Sup everyone. Male feeder looking for a RP partner.

> Sexual preference: Mostly females but I can do transgenders who Rp as girls very rarley Ill RP with guys only if I rp as a mother or female teacher.

> What kinds of rp you enjoy:
I do like mother/daddy fattening up daughters, Teacher fatten up female student, A goddess fatten up a girl to become a princess (Mother/daddy rps tend to follow similar paths.) I do like to have feedees wear diapers to make them look more femine (no scat) o daddy little girl stuff. (This is optional.) All my RPs how ever I try to keep slow paced and detailed (Alot of stuffing then turning to fat and repeat) with the girl being a powerful out of control immobile blob of fat glutton. I do the occasional Bf fattens up gf though I think this rp is used alot but I can rp with it. I am very open to ideas and plots if none of these rp plots seem interesting.

As for sexual stuff. I like to keep my sexual stuff pg13 (Grinding, humping, and kissing prefered) If the person is ok with it incest is alright BUT optional!

> Where you can roleplay:Id prefer to RP in FF chat but I can use FF inbox and my email
> What days/times are best to rp with you: I can RP most weekday nights up until 9pm centeral us time. Weekends I can rp all day most of the time. Thats if life dosent get in the way.
> Anything else you'd like to say or add: My pet peeves: Keep RPs detailed and long. 2 or more sentences if possible. I hate short half wanked replies. I'm not to picky with spelling and or Grammar. I'm not the best with spelling and or Grammar. Id be surprised if this reply has a ton of spell errors or Grammar mistakes.

I understand that people have lives but if you have to leave the rp unexpectedly please say something or shot me a message via email or FF inbox. That way I know I didnt scare you off.

Speaking of scaring off. Id like that if I say something during RP that you dont like, dont be scared to say something. I personal find it rude for a person to jump to conclusions and leave without working a middle ground. As stated I'm open minded and I can work with you. I'm not a mind reader.

into rp? post your info. here!3 weeks

Hi is anyone into Overwatch and weightgain/stuffing rp?

I'm looking for an rper that can write at least 3 lines of text per reply. Im looking for characters such as Genji, (maybe Reaper?) Junkrat, Roadhog. Message me if you're interested and you can write semi-long replies smiley thanks.
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