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into rp? post your info. here!2 months

Age 24
Sexuality Straight
Sex Male
Role feedee

Iím really hoping to find roleplay partners around here who want to play a feeder with me. Iím hoping for females or people willing to play females.

My kinks include, weight gain, clothes ripping, immobility, pregnancy (female), struggling to move, light teasing, light slob, light humiliation. Anything else is open to discussion so please feel free to contact me here or at

into rp? post your info. here!2 months

I'm Ben and I love the RP I am submissive and this

into rp? post your info. here!6 days

I am interested in roleplaying as a sub female feeder secretly fattening up a male feedee. As you could tell already, one of the things I am into is stealthy fattening. This means that the feedee often bossy and a big personality thinks that he is in control of his diet and day to day life. In reality he is slowly and secretly being fattened by a sub feeder who is supposedly obedient to his wishes. However gradually as he puts on weight, he starts becoming more and more vuernable due to experiences with his increasing waist size. (Ripping clothes in public, people pointing out his wg or degrading him for it. etc.) Eventually, he starts depending on his feeder for emotional support Soon he finds out that he likes the feeling of gaining and eating and doesn�t mind it. Idk there is just something I like about a guy who appears strong and put together looking just giving into his desires and eventually becoming a big softy in the process. Lol

I also like belly rubs as well as burping. Maybe even binging messily and being ashamed of it.

Message me if this interests you! smiley

into rp? post your info. here!5 days


I'd like to find a female roleplay partner. I prefer to be take the feeder part and the rest should talked about in private chat. Just sent me a pm or write me at kik

into rp? post your info. here!2 hours

> Sexual preference: Women only sorry
> What kinds of rp you enjoy: Female Feedee and Male Feeder. Weight gain/extreme obesity. Teasing/force feeding and funnel feeding. Also pregnancy. And slow weight gain. But willing to try anything new
> Where you can roleplay: Can chat on here through message. Or on Kik: Dave2k22(Just let me know your from FF and wanna RP)
> What days/times are best to rp with you: My work schedule varies. But free mainly in the afternoons.
> Anthing else you'd like to say or add: If your a female feedee and want to role play then feel free to message me on here or Kik: Dave2k22
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