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favourite bhm fantasies9 months

I know you guys think he was anorexic-looking, LOL, but definitely, Chris Farley knocking on my door with a 24-pack of Trojans and a dry-cleaning bag containing his male stripper uniform, saying, "Stephen Hawking messed with time. We have 24 hours." This mangled "Chippendale.s" beyond recognition. Thinking of people living outside the United States loving 300 lb BHMs and never having seen Chris Farley's male stripper routine is extremely distressing to me. If you're like me and love 300 pounders, please, for the love of all that is holy, stop putting yourself on the back burner, get on or Barnes and Noble. Com and buy a copy of "Saturday Night Live:The Best of Chris Farley" aND get a Blu Ray player that can play American DVDS at You will DEFINITELY consider these purchases to be the best sixty dollars plus shipping and handling you have ever spent. LOL

favourite bhm fantasies3 months

I had a dream last night I thought I would share... a wonderful sort of fantasy.

My feeder, growing bored with my reluctance to gain anymore weight, forcibly restrained me and tube-fed me, forcing me beyond any previous limits. In my dream I had no idea how long this happened, openly coming out of my bloat-induced haze when she commented on how much fatter I had grown, or when she teased me.

Eventually I realize I am no longer bound and the feeding tube is gone. I am lying alone in bed. I try to get up out of bed, but soon realize that I have grown so much that I am unable to get up - I am trapped!

Incredibly aroused by this newfound immobility, I roll over onto my side as best i can, desperate to pleasure myself! After some struggling it dawns on me - I am too fat to reach it! I can't even jerk off anymore!

At that time my feeder returns and laughs and taunts me for being so greedy that I've found myself in this predicament. My feeder agrees to provide me some relief... if I agree to some additional feedings.

It was a very erotic dream! smiley
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