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fried cheese9 months

This is a super fattening and delicious snack that I spoil myself with sometimes. smiley It usually works best with a higher fat cheese; I've found that a medium orange cheddar works really well.

Take a brick of med. orange cheddar (usually a brick that is about an inch thick works well and the length depends on how much melted cheese you want to eat).

Put a large fry pan on your stove top, over med. heat and add the brick of cheese so the larger surface area is in contact with the hot pan. You'll notice that the cheese is slowly starting to melt. Move the cheese around with a spatula and turn it over once in a while to help it heat through.

This part, the waiting for the cheese to melt completely, is a bit time consuming, but it's worth the wait. smiley

Once the cheese is melted completely, start using the spatula to gather the cheese together into a melty pile off to one side of the pan; you'll be chasing it around the pan for a few minutes but that's to help separate out some of the excess grease (if you skip this step you'll probably feel queasy soon after you've started eating the melted cheese because it's so very rich in fat).

After a few more minutes of this separation phase, take the now fairly stable but melted mass of cheese and put it into a bowl. I usually use a napkin to dab up some of the excess grease that's around the cheese but you can leave it if you like. Then grab a sharp knife and a fork and go to town! smiley It best to eat it fresh from the pan while it still quite hot, but be careful not to burn yourself.

I hope you enjoy it. smiley