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strange fetishes related to fat.2 months

I have a burp fetish fr sure. Love the relieving feeling of belching after a good meal, stuffing session, or chugging soda. I love when others do it too. One of my biggest fantasies, is kissing someone n we burp into each other's mouths. Them burping on my clit as they get me off.

Belly play, rubbing, kneading, nibbling, rubbing my clit on a big, soft, fat belly.

Someone being too big to fit in normal chairs, too big for their clothes.

Stretch marks 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

All of those sound crazy wonderful! What turn ons!

strange fetishes related to fat.1 month

Im really much into the "mechanics" of fat, how it happens, how it grows, what influences it and what is influenced by it, the change huge amounts of fat induce in an overweight, obese, very, and extremely obese body.

You are have my intrest just like me this is fascinating to me

strange fetishes related to fat.2 weeks

i love being told that i'm greedy, or gluttonous, or that i'm going to hell for being such a fat ass. i love hearing that i'll be damned for my actions, but i just can't stop, because i'm so reliant on food and getting fat.

strangely, i wasn't brought up religious, there's no weird backstory to it...
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