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sad news5 months

Sad news indeed. Ruby was tremendous fun and for years singlehandedly kept the chat room lively by welcoming newcomers and introducing topics for discussion, running or organising the quiz, and doing an awful lot behind the scenes for the site. She was opinionated and forthright, didn't suffer fools gladly and was a refreshingly vibrant presence. I was surprised when she died to find out she was only in her early 50s, as not only is that far too young to lose her, but she had such an air of authority and confidence that I had always assumed she was a venerable older lady - she certainly had cojones! Her heart was definitely in the right place and I for one found her flipping hilarious. I regret I never got to meet her in person, I think we would have got on. I won't say anything too cheesy as she'll just be laughing her socks off, wherever she is.
Lovely post Foxglove!

Katy was kind enough to send me a housewarming gift not more than 6 months ago, so to hear of this news came as a great shock to me.

Whilst we didn't speak as regularly as we did back when we both moderated for FF, we still used to catch up over skype once every couple of months and we'd chat about all sorts of things for hours!

I had been hoping to meet Katy at some point, we had always got on well and she was almost like a second mum to me! I know we would have had a great laugh together.

I will miss her and hope that her son who she adored is OK smiley

sad news3 weeks

I could just cry. Or, I just did cry. The last I had heard she had a guy from somewhere else in Europe she was starting to see as they were able. She was gorgeous, but so modest that a guy was not really "allowed" to tell her so. Her voice and accent were mesmerizing, but even there she apologized for having in the past at some cold or drafty flat caught croup or some such malady that had to some degree lowered the pitch of her voice. There were a number of health concerns regarding which she very gratefully received alternative medical information, but she would never accept any offer for such to be procured for her by another. She was, and no doubt will forever continue to be, a truly selfless and radiantly beautiful soul!
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