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year long weight control contract with a feedee6 months

I would love to try this for a few weeks. It'd probably be the only thing to push me over this damn plateu I've been stuck on for years.

I might be willing to try this with you if you're actually up for it.

year long weight control contract with a feedee6 months

In my younger days I tried this with online people, but none of them had the courage to stick with it for more than a few weeks.

Such is life.

That`s one of the reasons I think online feeding doesn`t make any sense at all. There is too much missing, like the personal contact, to make this really work.

But the idea is really hot!

year long weight control contract with a feedee3 weeks

Oh wow. That's a really impressive gain. I'd be interested if someone near me were to do this, and help with the cost of food.

year long weight control contract with a feedee2 weeks

Just finished a year long weight control with a feedee. We met on fet life but she also had an account on here.

We started to date but then realized we weren't an ideal match. But we would still see each other from time to time to break bread. It was during one of these meals where I told her that I had controlled a girls weight once but that it was only for a brief time and that I'd love to do it for a year or longer. She was really excited about he idea of having her weight controlled and every time we would talk she would bring it up. One night I finally asked her if she wanted to do it. She said that she did and the next night she came over and we agreed on the terms.

The terms were that I was to have 100% control over her weight for one year. She could not back out of it. I would decide how much she ate and how often. We lived only 15 minutes from each other Which made it really easy anytime I wanted to take her out to eat.

She is 5'5 and at the beginning she was 180 lbs. She was chubby with a pear shaped body. She had never been over 180 before.

I immediately put her on a 3500 calorie a day diet. I told her she could eat what she wanted when she was not around me but it had to add up to 3500. On top of that I would take her out to eat three nights a week. We mostly went to eat fast food. For instance one night I texted her at 10 pm and asked if she wanted to go eat. We went to Wendy's and I stuffed her with burgers and fries. Then on the way back to her apartment we stopped at a supermarket and I got a box of ice cream sandwiches. I told her they had to be gone by the next night when I would come over with dinner.

After two months she was 195 lbs. By the fourth month she 210 lbs and it was really starting to set in that she was going to get really fat, something she had long thought about, but never really had the courage to go through with it.

By eight months she was 245 lbs and the changes in her body were pretty significant. She got fat thunder thighs, and her hips widened. Her ass got big and dimply and her belly formed into rolls with a thick tire of fat that hung over her waist. When she put on jeans she tucked her fat tire into them. When she walked in the nude the fat on her hips shook up and down. She had no complaints about how fat she was getting. It turned her in immensely. Her only complaint was the expense of buying new clothes. Eventually she just started wearing baggy jumpsuits and stretchy stuff.

At 10 months she was 263 lbs. I knew I only had two months to go and that 300 was a possibility but I really wanted to see her hit 280 lbs that would be 100 in a year.

She was getting really embarrassed by how fat she was getting and there were times where I know she tried to eat less. But the last few months I was always bringing her food and at the two month left mark I started to make her chug down high calorie shakes.

By the end up of the contract she was 275 lbs. she was ridiculous jiggly and fat all over. She developed a double chin and flabby upper arms and her stomach aproned. When she sat down she had a fat spread that took up more space.

I asked her if she wanted to go another year. She declined and said she was going to lose the weight. The first couple months after the contract ended she dropped like 15 lbs. But since then the weight has packed back on. The eating habits I made her develop have stuck with her. She can't resist late night fast food runs, pints of Ben and jerrys, iced lattes etc.

After this experience there is nothing more intoxicatingly than watching a slightly chubby girl become a fat porker.

If I'd o this again with another willing participant I'm going to insist on two years.

You lucky.

Next time I find an woman interested to packing on pounds, I'll convince her to sign in a one-year conrract too, like this she won't find some pretext to do a turnabout once we started. -_-

year long weight control contract with a feedee4 days

I love the contract idea. This sounds like a story it's so perfect! Love love love it!

year long weight control contract with a feedee19 hours

I love the contract idea. This sounds like a story it's so perfect! Love love love it!

So much.

year long weight control contract with a feedee19 hours

I love the contract idea. This sounds like a story it's so perfect! Love love love it!

So much.

year long weight control contract with a feedee19 hours

I have a girl friend of mine who seek to gaining a massive amount of extra weight since many years and she managed to pass since then from an underweighted, skinny 117 lbs to an fluctuacting, average-sized yet curvy 130~40 lbs ninimum nay sometimes an fairly chubby 150~60 lbs max. .
Her purpose is attaining one day the 225-lbs range in order to look huge and all : but with her busy lifestyle, unsteady daily regimen and seasonal lack of health issues, she'd grown quite pessimistic and self-dubious about her ability to keep any littiest extra flesh over the overweight lane's threshold to the point now she persuades herself she's condemned to remain herself thin unless plunging into a life of absolute sedentarity.

Having read your story, I suggested her, one more time - because this is not the first time I spoke with her about how find a solve to her weight gain issues - to just come live with me the day I find an appartment of my own so we can together regulate a functional fattening regimen for her during an one-year mutual contract and after few exchanged argues, she done by seeming really convinced.
Because she's not into the whole Feederrism thing (though I have many strong assumptions she is already aware about their existence and that her potent desire to getting fat is none only in order to satisfy merely few beauty standards of her own) I wouldn't pressuring her with all this, so I let her with the choice to give me an answer about if she's down or not. Hope she finish by say yes, if this is the case I've start the contract with her now. smiley

year long weight control contract with a feedee19 hours

If anyone wanted to try this with me as the feedee, I would be 100% down.

year long weight control contract with a feedee55 mins

I'd really love someone to do this to me.
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