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first belly (nervious)11 months

So at the beginning of November, i reliesed i put on a bit of weight. My weight always tend to fluctuate when my Dr puts me on a new dose of hormones.
I got curios about the new fat i was gtting and all the jiggles so i decided to keep going. I just put new batteries in my scale the other day and it showed that i had gained a whole stone in November. Thats the most ive ever gained in a month. Went from 11 stone 6 pounds, to 12' 9'.
Now I have a belly that jiggles when i walk, and it pushes a wee bit over my jeans.
What turns me on the most now is that im so close to having my first fat fold, soon i wont need jeans for my belly to fold over on itself.

Ive been on this website for a while but could never bring myself to gain any weight. Every winter i fight hard to keep it off, But this year i got curios what it would be like if i didnt. Honestly im super insecure of how people will react. My roommate already booped me in the belly and said i gained a bit of chub. I cried in my room and ate a box of flap jacks. Really nervous about gaining more. All this weight came on without me even trying. Im scared Ill keep gaining with no control over it anymore. I dont want to get too big, but part of me does.

first belly (nervious)11 months

Hey there,

Above all, you have to be happy with yourself, and true to yourself. If gaining is what you want, by all means do it and enjoy it! There's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be bigger.

I know for my girlfriend and I, her wanting to get fatter is a huge turn on for us both. So there are people out there who will support you in this type of thing, for sure.

It will really come down to how much you enjoy your body being bigger. Do you want a bigger belly, bigger legs and bust? Do you enjoy the feel of your body starting to jiggle? Do you like the look of yourself better in the mirror with the new weight? These are simple questions that you need to ask yourself, and be honest about. Again, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be bigger - if it's what you want, that's all that matters.

first belly (nervious)11 months

Well i answered yes in my head to all of your questions. I guess its just my insecurities, as ive never been this big before. I worried about how people will see me.
I got a ton of shit from people when i cam out as transgender and pansexual. Rather not get bullied for being chubby too

first belly (nervious)11 months

It's one of those things, and I know it's easier said than done, but it's got to be about you and what makes you happy - not what others think.

There's no question that being involved in this community comes with some backlash. For the people who are large, and for those of us who like 'em, alike. There's a social stigma against being fat, or being attracted to fat. Although, like all the other BS reasons people like to segregate each other, the walls are slowly breaking down.

One thing you can do for now is try to maintain this size for a while, and see how you feel. If you like it, try to gain a few more pounds and then see. There's nothing saying "you must be X weight to be happy." You might find that you're plenty happy being just a little chubby, or you may find yourself wanting more. It's something you'll only find out over time.

first belly (nervious)11 months

I think most people have felt the way you do now. I certainly went through all the emotions from being fit, soft, rounded and then fat.

I received a lot of comments about getting fat. Some kind but mostly mean. I got to the point just to own the fact I am fat now and I am happy about it.

I wish you luck in what you decide.

first belly (nervious)11 months

It's natural for you to be insecure. For better or worse, people judge us by our appearance, and this is especially true for women. You may get all sorts of praise for LOSING fourteen pounds, but at best you'll just get "that look" if you GAIN it.

One thing is for sure, you have to really WANT to gain if you truly let yourself go because the pounds will come quickly and you MAY change your mind about the gain only to discover that it's a whole lot easier to gain than it is to diet and exercise.

I'd suggest you gain slowly. Enjoy the journey. If the comments you receive (and you WILL get them make NO mistake about that!) bother you, stop the gain, even diet a bit. But if you come to the conclusion that being fat is what and who you are, then I'd say go for it, you should pardon the expression, whole hog!

first belly (nervious)11 months

My girlfriend has the same problem. It comes down to what makes you happy. If the world was reversed and bring skinny or losing weight was frowned upon, would you let others opinions infringe on what you want? No. Then why does anyone's opinion matter? If it makes you happy, do it. Of course you'll be nervous. But you can absolutely rock being fat and make everyone wish they could get with you. Hope this helps.

first belly (nervious)11 months

Since reading this I've actually decided to try gaining a bit of weight myself. Not sure how long I'll go at it, but I'm giving it a shot for a few pounds to see if I do actually enjoy it.

It's one of those things. You don't know until you try.

first belly (nervious)3 months

How big would be too big? How big have u thought about getting?

I managed to gain another stone since i posted this. Im now at just 197 pounds. or 14 stone. 250 pounds seem like a good goal to reachsmiley thought that might be a long time till i reach that.

first belly (nervious)3 months

Forgot about this thread. Looking back at my "I'mma just try a few pounds and see how it goes" post now makes me laugh.

I've gained 30 pounds, up from 200. Aiming for 400 now, lol.