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suggestions for story to illustrate2 years

There are a TON of stories on this site, and I cant possibly read them all. I am looking for suggestions to a story that will translate well into a comic. I need more paneling practice so I thought I'd throw it out there.

Some personal preferences to keep in mind though:

I dont draw anything nasty or sexually explicit (keep it ultra-soft core yo!)

I needs to be visually translateable, like a progressing scene or story. Not just describing someones fleshrolls for 12 pages.

I'm sick to death of college stories. One more generic college gain story and I might stab the writer in the eye with a really hot french fry.

That being said, Any Suggestions for a story you'd like to se Illustrated into a Comic? or Visual Novel?

suggestions for story to illustrate2 years

Here are some stories of mine:

A Little Out Of The Way Place
Lucky Se7en
Gina & Carlo - A Love Story In Several Courses

suggestions for story to illustrate2 years

This sounds great!

Second that suggestion for "the deal - the final chapter begins" and "the 6 month deal".

By the same two authors, Expanding Horizons (snr6424) has lots of fun scenes, dialogue and a great pace. As does Introducing Amy and James (littleextra). Page 1 is mostly background, but from page 2 there are several scenes that I think could translate really well into a comic.

suggestions for story to illustrate2 years

Any word on the animation for the story?

suggestions for story to illustrate10 months

You're welcome to illustrate any of mine! "Self Discovery" would be interesting...