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north carolina meetup2 years

Any one in NC interested in a meet-up

north carolina meetup1 year

i'm down, lets do this!

north carolina meetup1 year

I'd be interested in a meetup for sure

north carolina meetup1 year


north carolina meetup1 year

I'm in the statesville hickory area

north carolina meetup11 months

Charlotte here but i travel slot.

north carolina meetup10 months

Wish y'all were in the New Bern area, visiting for a vacation at the end of June.

north carolina meetup10 months

I'd be down to come to a gig! Lemme know when / where the next one is and I'm game.

north carolina meetup8 months

I might be inclined to stop by if you would just... post the location...

In fact, I even messaged you about it, and you told me the name of your band and forgot to tell me the name of the restaurant.

Anyway, I did some Facebook investigation and figured out where it is.

north carolina meetup4 months

Did this happen?