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get rid of your kink?4 months

In truth, I wish I had normal tastes so that I didn't have to go on to a niche site to meet someone (and then find that everyone lives a zillion miles away)

It would make life a lot easier if I were more conventional in tastes because I could just switch on tinder or whatever and meet someone with a lot more ease and not have to worry about if someone had the same kinks as me.

Yeah, I get this.

get rid of your kink?3 months

Our sexuality is not a "kink;" we are the fEw lucky normal people; everyone else is f--ked up. Only a few people are born with conventionally attractive faces and only a few people are born with normal sexuality. A lot of people believe that the earth is flat, that the Holocaust never happened, that enough modern American TV is interesting enough to justify having TV service, and all kinds of other crazy crap. Think about it.

get rid of your kink?3 months

When I was a schoolboy, I felt the same way. I wondered why I was so weird.

Now I know I'm mad and I LOVE it.
The world can thank people like us later.

get rid of your kink?3 months

I think saying yes to getting rid of a part of your sexuality is a little short sited - especially when it comes to feederism. My sexuality isn't just something I do in the bedroom, it is something that influences the things I do and the way I am in life.
For one example, I love heavy metal - it fills me with energy and excitement and puts a huge grin on my face. But I like it more when I bring that excitement to others! I play in several bands and seeing a crowd of happy faces getting lost in their passion, the passion I am bringing to them is just an incredible feeling.
I also love food and love the feverish anticipation of it, the emotion and pleasure involved in eating it, the chemical high of feeling full and sated. I love lazy days of being comfy and warm and being free to do as I please with everything else taken care of. But once again, I love it even more in giving these experiences and pleasures to other people. I feel their satisfaction, gratitude and joy through empathy and that makes me feel so good.
It is a very human thing. The things that I love, I love more when sharing it with others. I enjoy my sexuality more by sharing it with this forum, I enjoy my music more when sharing it with total strangers, and I enjoy food more when I share it with my friends and girlfriend, and these are just two examples of these behavioural paterns that are a constant throughout my life. I think i would say that this behaviour of mine is a part of me and it was my own love of food that made me a feeder - I imagine myself as a kid seeing the adults older than I who enjoyed their food like I did being very fat and happy, and in my empathy these positive associations and the want to share this passion with others became sexual attraction too.

My point is, that if I removed my 'kink', it would also tear out a huge huge part of me. I couldn't remove it without literally becoming a different person. I am a feeder 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Turning that off would leave me empty and I wouldn't be able to just replace it with something else because the 'whys' of why I am a feeder is largely because of who I am in all areas of life! If I woke up tomorrow not attracted to fat, I think I would rediscover it within the week - because it's who i am!

This is an amazingly well-done post. Thanks for sharing this, and I agree 100%.

get rid of your kink?3 months

I'd get rid of it in a heartbeat. Yeah, it's fucking great when you can find a fulfilling relationship with someone who's compatible in this regard... But that's, unfortunately, not an easy thing to find.

As far as I can see, these are the only options:
1.) Find a feedee and hope I can love them for(hopefully)ever.
2.) Find someone I can love forever, and hope that they're willing to gain.
2A.) Be in a happy, sexually satisfying relationship (if only it were so easy).
2B.) Be in a good relationship and have an eternally shitty sex life.

I wish it wasn't such a niche thing. I don't know if it's possible to make someone enjoy gaining if they weren't born enjoying it. I won't push someone to do something they don't want to do, but it does put me in a very disappointing and frustrating corner.

get rid of your kink?3 months

I've been thinking the same lately. Its hard to find
someone that can get my atention (weight and love for it), at least in my
country, but in the end this ´´kink´´ is a big party of me and I would not be the same without it.
Sometimes I really feel lucky for having it, others not too much, but that is the game for everyone (with ´´kink´´ or not).
So in the end its matter of learning how to make it good and appreciate it.

get rid of your kink?3 months

I had the misfortune of falling in love before I made the self-discovery about my fat affinity...
So I'm dating a girl on a quest to run a marathon by the fall.
It's not the fat part that I dislike about the kink, but the incompatibility. I so badly wish I could be more attracted to my shrinking fianc�, or that my she could be more attracted to growing me.

get rid of your kink?3 months

Honestly I wouldn't get rid of it, however if I did it would make explaining my asexuality much easier. For me its all gaining lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, even the people I find stunningly gorgeous are a matter of aesthetics and not sexual attraction. So yeah not being associated with a fetish would make things easier but it would make my desire to be fat much more isolating.
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