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get rid of your kink?3 weeks

It would turn me into a completely different person. My fetish is a big part of me and I just can't think of how I would be without it.

get rid of your kink?3 weeks

Sometimes I wish I can get rid of this kink. I knew since I was 14 years old I was into chubby girls. I still wish to get rid of it actually; with that said, it comes at contradiction to a love for my current weight. It's complicated, in short.

get rid of your kink?3 weeks

Nope. For as long as I can remember I have been a FA. The kink is developing from "I like that body type" to "I want that body type" though XD

get rid of your kink?3 days

If you had the chance to change from a feeder/feedee/gainer/FA into a guy/girl without an interest in "Feedism", would you lose your kink to be like every one else?

Hell no, cuz there's nothing wrong with it. Lol. I love it, it makes me happy.
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