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favorite weight gain cartoon or video2 months

Anybody remember this one? Porky pig dreams he marries Petunia and she gets really huge!
I remember seeing this when I was like 5 or 6 and seeing her on the couch huge and bulging and munching on boxes of candy. I was overtaken by feelings I didn't understand.

The good stuff happens about 6 minutes in

The cartoon ‘Porky’s Romance’ is available on the New dvd set ‘Porky Pig 101’.

favorite weight gain cartoon or video2 months

Dunno if this counts but when Mabel overdoses on Smile Dip on the show Gravity Falls

Mabel looks soooooo cute with a tummy smiley

favorite weight gain cartoon or video3 weeks

Bella Grande:
I checked out the recommendations and found Sally's Big Fat Christmas - great ending too - with her big and fat and instructed to help other girls indulge their desires and get fat too.

Nice video...she gained alot.

favorite weight gain cartoon or video3 weeks

Little Fred Riding Hood, the good bit comes in at 3 minute, 07 second of the cartoon.

That was a good part.

favorite weight gain cartoon or video6 days

Pigs is Pigs definitely. Also, the Templeton eating scene in Charlotte's Web. Some Scooby Doo episodes/films where Shaggy and Scooby gorge and grow huge bellies.

There was also a Warner Bros./Loony Toons short, that I can't remember the name of, or find anywhere, that featured a brief sequence where a mouse eats his way through a giant chunk of cheese and emerges on the other side with a giant, sagging, swaying belly.

My favorite FA/feeder artists would include The Studio FA, Koudelka, Idle-Minded, The American Dream, Ray-Norr, morph artist Destructive Orgy, Bed Benders, Inc., Biggie, and Loveembig Redux, all featured on the DevinatArt site. . . .some amazing images of impossibly fat people.

I used to wonder if it was weird to get turned on by cartoons, but I guess it happens to a lot of us smiley.

favorite weight gain cartoon or video6 days

I remember a cartoon but haven't been able to find it.

I believe it was the Justice League and they automated everything. Even the local gas station.

There were robots doing all the work and all the people got fat. The part I remember most is the gas station attendant who had been very skinny before they called him slim. But now he was round.

I wish I could find that one
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